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Madhuku denied trial again
Platform for Youth Development
December 06, 2011

The trial of Platform for Youth Development Director, Claris Madhuku has for the umpteenth time been postponed to the 19th of December 2011 despite an October ruling that the case be tried on his next court appearance (5 December 2011.)

The prosecutors continued to behave awkwardly as they could not appear in the first and second seating only to appear in the third requesting for the postponement of the trial to 19 December 2011. The court had to break thrice as the prosecutors dealing with the case could not be located anywhere near the court building. This raised eyebrows as to the forces working behind the scenes to deny Madhuku his freedom.

Madhuku's appearance at the Chipinge Magistrate court was his seventh time since his arrest on April 4 2011 on frivolous charges of organizing and addressing a public gathering without notifying the regulating authority under the draconian Public Order and Security Act (POSA).

Police officers in Chipinge have grown a tendency of frequently and suspiciously calling Madhuku even in the middle of the night requesting meetings with him. Despite repeated ploys to deny him his freedom, Madhuku remains adamant that justice will see the day. "I see these tricks as baseless plans to silence me and my organisation. We will continue to demand justice for the people of Chisumbanje," he said.

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