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Short interviews at Chiedza's 10th anniversary celebrations
Varaidzo Tagwireyi ,
November 25, 2011

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Rebecca Mano
Chairwoman of the Board of Chiedza Childcare Center, and had been with the board since 2005

How much progress do you feel Chiedza has made?
When I first came and joined this board, we had one building on this piece of land. We were working with about 75 kids, and we now work with 1500 kids. We've got a very complex, holistic childcare model. Since that time we've opened a clinic. We've brought [our] girls netball team to the national championships. All kinds of kids have gone to plays; they've gone on camps. They've achieved well in school. And we are also paying fees for 12,000 kids in the area. So it's expanded much beyond our expectations, and we hope [in] another decade it will keep expanding. We're starting to really work hard with kids who are out of school. That's the new focus. And we have about 85 kids who have not been in school, and just found in the area, that are school-going age. So we're bringing them here for intensive catch-up and getting them mainstreamed back into school. And we're trying to expand that programme beyond this center to other[s].

What is your dream for the next decade?
I think it's to solidify what we've done here, and then to expand it, and to bring our work to new communities in other parts of Zimbabwe. Listen

David Sheehan
Co-Founder of Chiedza

How do you feel today?
I feel great! It's wonderful to see the fruits and that's it's based on love. There's a wonderful saying: All suffering comes from self-cherishing. All happiness arises from working for the happiness of others. If you can understand that then your life changes and you become, hopefully, more beneficial in society, and your life becomes more enjoyable because there's less emphasis on me, me, me. Listen

How can people get involved and help at Chiedza?
You know, the thing is just to get involved. Come here, [and ask], "What can I do?" That's how you start. And then it becomes part of your way of being. Just helping other organizations that help people, instead of thinking only of me. Listen

How can we as a nation make the shift from thinking only about ourselves, to thinking about and helping others?
You can only change yourself, not others. So don't worry about what other people do. You do what you have to do. And when you change, other people will say, "Ah, there's a spark here! Why? What have you done? Why have you changed? Then you start resonating with a deeper part within yourself. Listen

Tendai Chipunza
Has been with the organization since mid-2003 and is in charge of coordinating programmes on health, education and sports at Chiedza

How do you feel today, and what are your aims for the organization?
I'm happy for our children. I'm happy for the caregivers, staff-members, [and] all the donors. I wish this could continue. What my aim is, [is] to take this to the community, so that the community members can sustain themselves. Chiedza will not always be there. But if you do that in the communities, then the people will own their responsibilities. Listen

Marko Ndlovu
Director of Chiedza

How do you feel today upon reaching 10 years of service?
Looking back and saying where did we come from, and this is where we are . . . that makes me feel very (silence) . . . well, I don't know how to describe that. Listen

What are your dreams and plans for the next 2 years?
I think for the next ten years, we will grow big, because if people can associate with us at this stage, then we need to replicate what we are doing to other communities. So that [with] the services that we are providing, at least we are benefiting more kids. Maybe within the next 5 years, we should have established 2 more. Listen

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