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Statement on the MDC-T Congress
Platform for Youth Development
May 04, 2011

Platform for Youth Development (PYD) wishes to applaud the good work by the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) in presiding over the Movement for Democratic Change elections at the just ended congress. NCA and MDC whose friendship date back to the late 90s when the NCA together with ZCTU and ZINASU formed the then opposition MDC has been once again shown to be genuine and real. We applaud the NCA for conducting elections in an open, free and fair manner. We treasure such unbiased and resolute character exuded by the NCA as a leading civil society organization in Zimbabwe and appeal to all other organizations to strive for such excellence. As a member organization to the NCA, we have a lot to learn from their leadership and conduct of duties which has always been of distinction.

We congratulate the MDC leadership voted into power at the just ended congress. We challenge them to be firm and strong and encourage them to keep the struggle for a democratic Zimbabwe burning. They should take lessons from their predecessors who selflessly fought with the then ruling Zanu PF and brought victory in the 2008 harmonized elections. Such vigor should be their guiding principle as they lead millions of Zimbabweans in the struggle for democracy.

As a youth organization, we also wish to congratulate the new MDC Youth Assembly leadership led by Comrade Solomon Madzore for winning the youth assembly elections. We wish them well in their journey and challenge them to strive to be democratic in the execution of their duties. The youths had always been known as the front line of any movement and the new leadership should take notes from the previous leadership and build it up from there. We have no doubts that the elected leadership will steer the revolution and definitely deliver the Zimbabwe that many young people had been cherishing for years. They should be exemplary in the conduct of their business and carry the flame in encouraging good morals in the youths in this age of the deadly HIV/AIDS.

We hope to work exceptionally well with the new youth leadership the same way we did with the previous one. We believe we have not reached our desired destination and thus call upon the new leadership to tie up their shoes and brace for a hard struggle until we deliver victory to the youth of Zimbabwe.

Take note that two of our Board members Promise Mkwananzi and Clifford Hlatywayo are now part of the Youth Executive. We wish them the best in supporting the objectives of PYD at a national scale.

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