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  • Statement on the suspension of COPAC Meetings in Bulawayo and Harare
    Zimbabwe Youth Movement
    September 23, 2010

    Acknowledging that Article VI of the Global Political Agreement clearly spell out that it is a fundamental right and duty of Zimbabwean people to make a constitution by themselves and for themselves

    Noting that Article VII covers modalities under which equality, national healing, cohesion and unity can be promoted

    Realizing that Article XVIII which deals with security of persons and prevention of violence has been ignored by Zanu (PF),

    We, the youth strongly condemn the events surrounding the suspension of COPAC outreach meetings in Harare and Bulawayo . This has exposed COPAC's failure to lead the authoring of a truly democratic and people driven constitution. It also corroborates the notion that our police forces are just but toothless bulldogs who only barks when instructed to do so. The police allowed Zanu (pf) thugs to harass innocent civilians who wanted to air their views at many centers in Harare and Bulawayo but they were quick to arrest WOZA members participating in a peaceful demonstration.

    We are deeply worried by the role of the soldiery in the Constitution making process, given that army vehicles were seen at most outreach centers. Moreover, the War Veterans bulldozed COPAC programs and they were also at the forefront of intimidating other civilians through Satanic prayers before the commencement of meetings, jeering other speakers and even singing during COPAC deliberations. It has also been noted that the lumpen-militariat also coordinated the bussing in of people from rural centers to the two cities to disturb and unleash violence during COPAC meetings. We also condemn the racism shown in most centers in Harare and we once again call upon COPAC to ensure that Zimbabweans, regardless of race, skin color and sex are accorded an equal opportunity to air their views in Outreach process.

    Resultantly we call upon COPAC to ensure that minimum standards as spelled out by the Civil Society are met if a truly people driven Constitution is going to come out of this Consultative phase. We also strongly condemn Zanu (PF) for its failure to honor the Global Political Agreement up to the word and spirit. We therefore call upon the lumpen-militariat and Zanu (PF) goons to stop their retrogressive and evil agenda and allow people's views to be collected freely by COPAC.We further encourage COPAC to redo aborted Outreach meetings in Harare and Bulawayo immediately to accord every Zimbabwean an opportunity to participate in the Constitution making process. Finally we call upon players in the Inclusive Government to fully implement the Global Political Agreement to avoid transitional problems that we find ourselves in.

    The future is Today!! Ramangwana Ndinhasi!! Ukusasa kunamhla!

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