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  • Youth in churches' demands on the new constitution
    Practical Empowerment & Networking Youth Association (PENYA) Trust
    July 06, 2010

    • Acknowledgement of God's supremacy in the Constitution
    • Declaration of Zimbabwe as a Christian nation
    • We have a vision of a Zimbabwe that has peaceful habitations, that is prosperous and creates equal opportunities for everyone
    • The morals and values of Zimbabwe be guided by the Bible and the cultural practices upholding unhu/ubuntu.
    • The Holy Bible be used in all public and official proceedings and an opening be made at such occasions and at school assemblies
    • All youth rights in the African Youth Chatter to be guaranteed in the Constitution
    • 50% representation in all processes, structures and resource allocations at local, regional and national level
    • The right to education and health be enshrined in the Constitution.
    • Dual citizenship be allowed
    • Devolution of power.
      Transparency, honesty and integrity
    • Sexual Reproductive Health services and information
    • Equitable access to land and other means of economy
    • Apolitical, impartial and transparent implementation of empowerment policies
    • No to Homosexuality
    • No to Abortion
    • Autonomy of tertiary institutions
    • Age of sexual consent be raised from 16 (sixteen) to 18 (eighteen) years.
    • Criminalisation of marriages to girls under 18 (eighteen) years of age.

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