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    National Youth Development Trust (NYDT)
    November 05, 2009

    The National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) will this weekend take its policy dialogue meeting to Lupane, the provincial capital for Matabeleland North, where it will engage young people on the new constitution making process in Zimbabwe.

    The theme for this meeting will be "Youths' and systems of Governance in the New Constitution making process in Zimbabwe" and the main presentations on this topic will come from Mr. Vumani Ndlovu a civic activist, Ms Delta Ndou, a journalist and activist together with Mr. Emmanuel Ndlovu a community activist from Bulawayo. The guest of honour at this meeting will be Senator Dalumuzi Khumalo.

    The meeting will commence at 10:30hrs and conclude at 1300hrs and aims to gather from young people, their views on what they expect to be included in the new constitution with regards systems of governance, in particular the devolution of power to the provinces. Lupane is one of the areas most affected by the current systems of governance (constitution) which gives less authority and responsibility to the local authority and has seen the province lose millions of dollars (US) worth of revenue from timber production which is not ploughed back into the development of that community. Furthermore this timber processing industry has the potential of employing youths from the area but they have been somehow deprived of that benefit. While Lupane also has a state University being constructed and which has already started enrolling students, most of these students are from no where near Lupane or Matabeleland north for that matter. As classes are being conducted in Bulawayo, most of the University's beneficiaries are presently from in and around Bulawayo.

    As a way of surviving the economic malaise, most young women in the area marry early while some of them including a huge fraction of young men leave the country for South Africa and Botswana to seek employment that will sustain them and their families back home. Of the young women that remain behind a large number is drawn into prostitution regardless of their marital status.

    This meeting seeks to get a buy in from youths in Lupane about their wishes for their province and to make them realize that their part in the drafting of a new constitution can change the current state of things. It is to empower them with the knowledge that they do have the power to turn their fortunes around for good and the opportunity is now, in them playing a full part in the new constitution making process.

    Young people from all walks of life, all political parties, all spheres of influence and those that support the empowerment of young people are thus invited to this NYDT youth platform to discuss these pertinent issues in order to draw from you the likely solutions to these problems once and for all. Make your voice count in the new constitution!

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