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Youth need own constitutional stakeholders conference
Youth Forum
July 20, 2009

The youth need their own constitutional All stakeholders conference were they deliberate on their demands in the constitutional Making Process. The conferences which were held so far did not adequately address their needs. It was too general such that issues to do with interest groups such as youth were not given ample time. Women are
justified to have hosted their own conference which was coordinated by Zimbabwe Women's Lawyers Association (ZWLA) last week. It would be fair for the youths to carry out the same process in the same spirit.

The Youth Forum as a platform to deliberate on issues to do with youths recommends that the following thematic areas should be tabled by the youths for the youths, as opposed to the methodology used in the previous all stakeholders conference where youths were only given a small fraction of the conference time to deliberate on their issues.

  1. Employment and empowerment
  2. Gender and human rights
  3. National Youth Service and National Youth Policy
  4. The disabled
  5. Education
  6. Sports and recreation
  7. Culture

And many more which the youths may deem necessary.

In conferences held before the youths had to fast track their discussions to make them fit within the confines of the conference. Besides the youths only came in as participants on the day the conference kicks off. The All stakeholders' youth conference should be owned by the youths from the beginning to the end without any interference from other stakeholders. The youths should then submit their demands to the constitutional commission; this conference should also come up with monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to the
implementation of their demands. The youths should also determine how they will position themselves in their respective sub-committee.

To reiterate the position of Youth Forum with regards to the constitutional making process. We will continue to be a platform for deliberating issues to do with youths and as such we are mobilizing, educating and conscentizing youths to give their views from an informed position as well as lobbying all stakeholders to include youthful views and concerns.

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