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  • Position on the formation of an all-inclusive government
    Youth Forum
    February 07, 2009

    The Youth Forum remains sceptical of the power sharing deal between ZANU PF and the two MDC formations given the fact that the implementation of an inclusive government is a continuos process from the initial talks held by the stated political parties. The process has been and still is characterised by concessions and compromises based on the interests of principals and their negotiating teams. This was clearly testified by the abrupt sailing through the upper and lower houses of amendment number 19 without meaningful debate.

    There is still mutual suspicion and mistrust between the stated parties hence friction is inevitable, particularly in the wake of the need to consolidate power by all parties. It is our fear that the constitution can be crafted to serve the selfish interests of politicians.

    The parliament having been granted dominance over the drafting of the constitution by article 6 of the Global Political Agreement. Other interest groups will only be taken on board at the discretion of parliament. The parliament was further granted the privilege to debate the people's input to the constitution, a process which is most likely to subvert the people's will in a typical March 29 election fashion. What is even worrying is the corrupt nature of some of the people who are supposed to make decisions on our behalf, with some having already started being involved in scams to do with looting from the people whom they represent as evidenced by the maize scam, six MPs are alleged to have diverted fertilisers and seeds for the suffering people to their own use. Whilst we have respect for presumption of innocence, it clearly exposes the caliber of people whom we voted for, let alone their demand to get larger amounts of money from ATMs at the height of cash crisis

    Equally worrying is the peripheral role which the youths will play in this processes, besides finally rubberstamping it there is no clear role which they are going to play in the whole process. This is happening against a background where they have always been secluded in decision making processes as envisaged by the imposition of National Youth Policy which was drafted by a commission in conjunction with the Ministry of Youth, Gender and Employment creation and the respective parliamentary portfolio committee. The National Youth Service was also introduced at the detriment of youths for it generally reduced them to ZANU PF militia .The Youth Forum is further tattled by Zimbabwe Youth Council Act which was also clandestinely and nicodemously crafted, giving powers to the president and the responsible minister blank cheque powers over issues to do with the youths.

    Such reduction of youths to second class citizens will not be tolerated and as a matter of principle we will not stand and watch the incoming transitional government dragging their feet concerning speed resolving of our grievances. In this regard we have set benchmarks particularly in terms of coming up with a new people driven constitution in the exact meaning of the phrase. This must be done in line with a youth initiated National Youth Policy.

    We urge fellow Zimbabweans to remain steadfast, contrary to what happened in 1980 when independence dawned surrendering all their hope to their 'liberator' forgetting that he can be corrupted by power. The civic society is also urged to remain focused for they are a real watchdog and a critical pillar of national development. With the need for transitional justice, sustainable peace building and conflict transformation, national healing process and free and fair elections, the struggle continues unabated.

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