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Youth Forum in full support of the ZCTU stay away
Zimbabwe Youth Forum (ZYF)
September 18, 2007

The 14th - 16th September Youth Forum Workshop on Policy Formulation and Evaluation has resolved among other issues to be fully behind the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) call for a stay away from the 19th - 20th of September. Young Leaders drawn from all the 10 political provinces vowed to pay the ultimate price that it takes to reclaim their freedom from the diabolic dictatorship of Robert Mugabe which has sadly surpassed the adverse effects of HIV/Aids in as far as causing human suffering and a death is concerned. The youth leadership urged all the workers to take heed of the legitimate call for a stay away by the ZCTU.

Youth forum joins all the progressive forces in commemorating the politically sanctioned savage, brazen and unlawful assault, torture and attempted murder while in custody of the members and leaders of the ZCTU on the 13th of September 2006 by police officers and some people suspected to be from the notorious Border Gezi training camps who ganged up under the command of police Superintendent Tendere.

Youth Forum urges all the young people in Zimbabwe to emulate the courageous acts shown by the ZCTU and confront the dreaded regime which has survived on vote rigging, threats, killings and torture among other nefarious methods.

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