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Tuli Bamuchaala - We are the oprhans CD
November 08, 2004

View audio file details: Mwana Asingacheme from the CD

Tuli Bamuchaala - We are the oprhans, is a new CD album that was launched in Binga on November 06 by an organisation called the Ntengwe for Community Development Trust.

The CD was produced by popular Zimbabwean musican Oliver Mtukudzi alongside children who are part of the Mutubambile orphan choir.

The children composed their own songs with Mtukudzi, who also worked on the musical arrangements.

This extra-ordinary CD by the children who have lost most of their parents to HIV/AIDS reflects a sigh of hope and spreads the message of the disease that has taken their loved ones.

One of the songs of the CD Walunyonyola Luundu (You have maimed the nation) is the childrens plea to the monster called AIDS which has taken the childrens family and friends.

Other songs on the album include Tuli Bafwaba (we are poor children), Nyika Yamana (The nation has perished), Tulamause (we are depressed) and Varangarirei (Remember us).

Proceeds from the sale of the CD will go towards improving the lives of these orphans.

The production of the CD was made possible through support from Oliver Mtukudzi, GTZ, the Msasa Rotary Club, the African Banking Corporation and Ntengwe for Community Development Trust.

Audio File

  • Mwana Asingacheme (A child who does not cry out)
    Language: Shona
    Duration: 56sec
    Date: November 11, 2004
    File Type: MP3
    Size: 667KB

    English lyrics
    A child who does not cry out,
    Will not be helped

    If you present your problems to people
    You will be given assistance

    Shona Lyrics

    Mwana asingacheme
    Mwana asingacheme anofira
    Mumbereko babawe
    Mwana asingacheme

    Mbudzi kubarira oane vanhu
    Kuti iwane kudzingirwa imbwa
    Mwana asingacheme


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