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'I am daily robbed of my innocent girls'
Betty Makoni, Director, Girl Child Network
July 27, 2004

I am daily robbed of my innocent girls

Death, death like Brutal Brutus
Remember the historical bloody murder
So cruel and so unkind
Uncaring and no courtesy
You come like a robber by the night
To rob me of my passion, my lifeline
My girls my little innocent girls
I am daily robbed of my innocent girls

Two of them I remember clinging to breath
Faith the little baby girl from Rusape rural
Watched her taken from the freezing cold
Just wrapped round with torn rags
By the arms grandma held her
She wept endlessly, flows and flows of tears
I cuddled her into my own hands
Into the car we drove to the graveyard
There thousands of other little girls heard me make them prayers
If no life dignity then last body viewing your last dignity Feyi
I saluted you my innocent girl, Faith
I am daily robbed of my innocent girls

From Norton, mid July 2004 broke news of one Norton girl
He raped her, brutally murdered her
He wanted her genital organs for ritual purposes
Such beauty, innocence swamped into a coffin
What loss, grief, death, murder, brutal murder
The worst murder, rapist he is
Some let my little girls live on after rape, the first murder
This one raped, extracted bodily parts, murdered her
Reason not pronounced for this is brutal murder
Pain, panic, my little girls perish just so
Oh my own little girls, my innocent little girls my own life
I am daily robbed of my innocent girls

Wish they were all here to sing, "Betty Makoni----"
Like you they initially murdered me
Memory from Chivhu murdered infected with the deadly virus
Died, too scared to break silence, too intimidated
Simply said, " Girl Child Network should continue"
Spirit lingers on my little girls, so brave so strong
Endured it all, injured you were, reason not pronounced
Male dominance, overpowering the most vulnerable
I am robbed of my little innocent girls

Totally robbed, just remnants and girls' memories
Daily raped, used, abused, overused
Daily cornered, sexually harassed, suffocated
Reason not pronounced, just brutal rape and murder
As if we only the desires men hunger for
So many infected and affected by AIDS
They think they are a cure for AIDS
How dare I let go robbers, rapists of my little innocent girls
Next time you rob, you rape one of them
If not death then curse you for life
My sword up, my dagger up
Communities swords up, their daggers up
Up forever by our front doors
To stop this robbery, brutal murder of my innocent girls
Sick and tired of this daily robbery of my innocent girls

One day we assemble my little girls
Raped, half murdered from all walks of life
With tears flowing down our cheeks
We want justice, compensation and compassion
Wear your black in memory of Faith, Memory, Isabel and them all
For they died, fighting, struggling
March we will do to the fathers of this country
Every bail should be reversed
Raped, half murdered by rapists, murderers
Show them our tattered torn genital organs
What brutality, cruelty, for murder is rape
Rape is murder, oh no murder is rape
I am daily robbed of my innocent little girls

Way home, way to school
Tie them innocent souls to your hands
Tell them Betty Makoni witnesses so many rape cases of minors daily, hourly
She mourns, weeps even more and more
This is death of my passion, robbed of my constituency
Armour of my activism, my little girls, my little innocent girls
I am very bitter, angered, evoked
For I am robbed of my little innocent girls

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