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  • 2002 Presidential & Harare Municipal elections - Index of articles

    by Bev Reeler
    February 20, 2002


    The Woman's League took part in the 'Peaceful March' through town
    on Monday 18th February.
    They must have seen the beatings.
    I cannot think that they approve of this violence,
    and I wonder if they have seen it so blatantly before.
    Whatever their political leanings,
    they are elderly women
    mothers and grandmothers.
    Were they not shocked at the militarization of their sons, their grandsons?

    Perhaps it is time for the Zimbabwean women to make a stand
    Whether from Zanu PF, or MDC
    Rural or Urban
    Coloured, black or white.
    These are our children!
    And they are brutalizing our country.
    They are not some foreign force.
    They are beating their own brothers and cousins.
    They are being used for cynical political motives.

    The women in Chile made a pact
    They went outside their houses at a particular time
    and beat their cooking pots.
    To register their protest at the disappearance of their sons

    The women in Argentina also made a pact,
    to appear in public wearing white cloths on their heads
    as symbols of the nappies of their disappeared grandchildren.

    All these women helped to overthrow dictators.

    Perhaps we can do the same.
    Beat our cooking pots
    as loud as we can
    at sunset each day
    To say we DISAPPROVE.
    -whatever our political leanings
    -whatever our colour
    Of this terrible use of violence in our land.

    We need to make our disapproval heard.

    At the first sign of trouble
    At the first sign of militia
    in our homes, in our suburbs, in our shopping centres, in our growth points
    Call everyone out
    Whistle and come out in our hundreds.
    We cannot hide from what is happening
    We have to stand together
    against this terrible infringement of our human rights.

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