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With Love monthly report – April - May 2013
With Love Foundation
May 27, 2013

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With Love Soup Kitchen is a weekly pilot project based in Mbare. We have 230 beneficiaries now officially registered through the local council. Registration took place at the local Mbare city council hall and we have been using the register to account for those who benefit from the Soup Kitchen. Food packs, a healthy wholesome soup and planned workshops are some of the benefits, which the Mbare recipients receive from our Soup Kitchen


We would like to thank Bakers Inn for stepping in and sponsoring bread to out weekly soup kitchen. Their support and commitment to helping With Love Foundation and our community is sincerely appreciated.

Kuumba Foundation Trust

Kuumba Trust held a parenting workshop on 14 May 2013. Those in attendance were women aged between 19 and 70 years of age. The few younger women had young children with them. All are not working, some have no accommodation, some are married, cohabiting, widowed, or single. And nearly all of the older ones are looking after their deceased children’s children. Their communication within their families is characterized by fear, force, verbal abuse, and beating. They are in need of practical counselling on communication, discipline and nurturing.

Speakers were not aloof but made it a point to dialogue with the women as they arrived and assisted them with registration and completion of the parenting questionnaire. The women felt at ease and were very sociable. Pastor Muhamba’s topic was Communication Breakdown and Liz Sherekete’s Communication Blockages. Compassion and concern was shown by both speakers and biblical principals were practically applied in their presentations; they responded adequately to questions and were assisted by Rev Kawadza. Both presentations emphasized the need to make time to listen and talk with children, identified thieves of time that should be for them (tv, cell phones, etc.) Parents were encouraged to love, forgive, befriend their children and provide a wholesome environment like going to church with them. Parents were told that words kill and that they need to be examples / models and to teach by example what children should do. Shona summaries of their main points were distributed at the end of the workshop.

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