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    Habakkuk Trust
    March 16, 2013

    Referendum voting starts at a high note in rural areas

    Information from the rural areas shows that voting started at a high note with stations such as Mqabuko High School in Matobo ward 8 having 73 voters at opening time. At Sengezane primary school in Gwanda there were 30 people ready to vote by 0700 hrs.

    45 people had voted in Gwanda ward 2’s Dambashoko primary school by 0745 hrs whilst in Zhukwe Wilikisa about 20 people had voted at 0800 hrs.

    In Ndabankulu Secondary school in Matobo’s ward 8 about 80 people had voted by 8am.

    At Ntabazinduna DDF Polling stations 100 people had voted by 9am and there is still a long queue of more than 100 people outside ready to vote.

    Slow start to Zimbabwe referendum polling in Bulawayo

    Habakkuk Trust has observed a very slow start to the Zimbabwe referendum polling in Bulawayo with most polling stations visited between 7and 8am recording low voter turnout of as little as 5 people having voted.

    Voters in Bulawayo’s old suburbs such as Makokoba, Mpopoma, Mabuthweni, Njube and Iminyela were already queuing outside the polling station as the stations opened. When the Habakkuk Trust team arrived at Makokoba Stanley Square at 0630 am already 8 elderly men were queuing outside. At Vulindlela Youth Centre in Mpopoma suburb, there were already 12 people ready to vote at 0655am of which 4 were women and 2 were youths and the rest were men. The queues were fairly longer in Mabuthweni and Iminyela halls in ward 13 at opening times where there were about 20 and 29 people respectively and most of whom were elderly people and women. The situation was nearly the same with the Central Business District polling stations as at Small City Hall there were about 79 people who had voted by 0805 hours and there was a queue of about 18 people ready to vote at TM Hyper.

    At Fairbridge Polling stations there were about 100 people who had voted by 8am and most of them were police officers from the local camp.

    In the eastern suburbs polling stations, voting started at a very slow start with some stations such as Greenfield with no queues at all and 23 people had voted at Coghlan Primary by 8am.

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