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The Committee of the People's Charter new year's statement
Committee of the Peoples Charter (CPC)
December 29, 2011

As we have come to the end of 2011, a year in which quite significant political processes have taken place in our country, the region, the Arab world and the world over, we in the Committee of the People Charter (CPC) wish to congratulate those who genuinely pursued the cause of peace, democracy, justice and a better life in the various struggles waged by the masses of the world. Indeed an example to the youths of this country was set by the young people of Tunisia and Egypt that our struggles can be waged in a peaceful manner. Alas to say the young people have been a target of abuse, arrests, detention and persecution as the Harare administration pressed panic buttons after the Arab revolution. We take this opportunity to express our solidarity to Solomon Madzore and the Madzore family on the continued detention of Solomon Madzore.

To Zimbabwe 2011 marked the third year of the existence of the inclusive government. The year also marks the fourth year since the multitudes of Zimbabweans from a diverse background met over two days, after prior and intense consultation and a collective thought process, to craft the Zimbabwe People's Charter. During the course of the year, comrades noted that the Zimbabwe People's Charter-an intensively expressive voice of the people, a repository of the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe should only but be a durable statement about the kind of Zimbabwe that we seek to build. The Committee of the People's Charter, a coalition of organisations and individuals committed to the kind of Zimbabwe enunciated in the Zimbabwe People's Charter, came into being during the course of the year. The committee continue to grow with individuals and organisational members committing themselves, voluntarily to the work of the CPC.

As we approach 2012, we wish to raise within the mandate of the CPC concerns over what transpired in our country during the course of the folding year and reinforce our long held expectations for the forthcoming year, based on the shared positions enunciated in the Zimbabwe People's Charter:

On National Economy and Social Welfare

We note improvements in the economy anchored in particular by the Agricultural and Mining Industries. Though this improvement is welcome, growth has not necessarily resulted in new jobs for our unemployed young people and reduction in poverty. Further, the cake from these sectors has not been shared and spread among Zimbabweans. We therefore call upon the inclusive government to ensure that:

  • The proceeds from these two main economic contributors is spread and shared among the people of Zimbabwe, through increased royalties to the state coffers. Further, we call for accountability in the utilisation of proceeds from all the mining and agricultural activities in our country.
  • Such proceeds from mining and agriculture must be channelled towards financing the provision of basic services to our people. On Political Environment, Constitutional Reform and National Elections The inclusive government, a product of a disputed election has among its responsibilities, the creation of an environment to ensure a credible, free and fair election. This was to be ensured through the crafting of a genuine democratic and people driven constitution and the creation of a conducive electoral and political environment. We note, after three years, the inclusive government has:
  • Failed to lead a credible constitution making process
  • Failed to institute key political reforms, electoral necessary for the holding of free and fair elections
  • Failed to tame political violence, in particular that instigated by the political parties especially ZANU PF
  • Been reluctant to institute genuine institutional reforms i.e. the media and security necessary for the free participation of the masses in the political processes

In light of the above mentioned, the Committee of the People's Charter holds that:

  • The people will reject any constitution that does not promote a democratic and just socio-political and economic system.
  • The inclusive government should put in place credible reforms in the media, security and electoral before any future election or referendum.
  • The national healing process is central to the development of a tolerant and democratic society. In this regard, we urge the government and NGOs to put renewed energies in the world on the national healing process. The process should however ensure that the victims get the answers as to who committed the atrocities and inflicted harm and pain on the people.

On Youth

The youth, both female and male, represent the present and the future of our country. We therefore reiterate our earlier stated position that:

  • The government must set up a inter-ministerial task-force (comprising the Ministries of Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment, Women's Affairs and Gender, Small to Medium Enterprise development and Finance), mandated to coordinate the administration of state as well as private funds that have been promised for youth projects in the forthcoming year so as to ensure that deserving young people including females benefit from government's empowerment initiatives.
  • That government facilitates the setting up of an independent National Youth Development Agency, with a special mandate of leading and championing all youth development related initiative in a non-partisan and patriotic manner.

We further reiterate our call upon government to put in place an affirmative policy towards ensuring that young people get a quota on all state contracts.


The challenges that confront us are not insurmountable. Let us work individually and collectively to ensure the renaissance of our motherland. As we enter the New Year, let us put our energies towards positive agendas. Let us make 2012 a better year for our beloved Zimbabwe.

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