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  • New Year statement
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    January 02, 2010

    As 2009 ends, ushering in a new and promising year we are convinced that 2009 has been a year we managed to weather the gathering clouds and raging storms that confronted us. 2009 has been that year that we will look at and proudly say to ourselves as Zimbabweans we were right in defending the guiding principles and values to a people driven democratic constitution making process as expressed by the positions of the people of Zimbabwe since 1997.

    Regardless of the enormous challenges we faced we remained true to the founding principles of our broad democratic movement and the yearnings of the Zimbabwean masses as expressed in the historical positions of the people. The inception of an inclusive government in February of 2009 which ushered in a "transition" presented a lot of complexities to the pro-democracy forces. There were moments of fierce disagreements. At these moments, the NCA has carried on as we have remained faithful and true to the ideals of our founding documents.

    It has been so for the past years and so it must be with the coming year 2010. A year which promises to be full of activity, as the on slaughter to mislead the masses intensifies.

    The recently launched state media campaigns to misled and hoodwink the masses into believing that they are part to the constitution making charade currently underway bears testimony that the politicians are prepared to go all the way to impose themselves and their views on the people of Zimbabwe. We see these shenanigans as they are, deception, and we wish to remind political elites that we have travelled this road before.

    The donors faced with a complicated transition were hit with indecision. More unfortunately donors became heavily involved in activities of civics. This saw a lot of civics taking positions that would guarantee funding. The divisions that then arose in civic society were not really about ideological differences. Even after the frustrations of the all stakeholders' conference, many civic continued supporting the constitution making process they saw beyond any shadow of doubt, was for all intents and purposes political.

    We stand here today as the curtain for 2009 closes convinced that we have survived our darkest hour, convinced that 2010 will see a major people's victory. We remain convinced that a great people have been awakened and no amount of political posturing will deceive the masses.

    The constitutional movement will in 2010 intensify campaigns for a genuine people drive constitution making process. We remain guided by the historic positions of the people of Zimbabwe over the years, reaffirmed at the 2nd all people's convention at the Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza on Monday 27 July 2008. The Zimbabwe People's Charter remains our futurist repository.

    For the avoidance of doubt and demystifying the propaganda peddled by Douglas Mwonzora and company regarding the NCA position, we will take this opportunity to re-state our position by reproducing the resolutions of the 2nd People's Constitutional Convention, which state:
    We unreservedly recommit ourselves to the principles and resolutions articulated 10 years ago by the National Working Peoples' Convention as well as the first People's Constitutional Convention in 1999 and as outlined as recently as 2008 in the Zimbabwe People's Charter. We hold that these principles that outline what we know and believe to be a truly people driven constitution making process hold true today and remain non-negotiable.

    Because of the principles enunciated above, we therefore unreservedly reject the government led process for constitutional reform as outlined in Article 6 of the Global Political Agreement and strongly recommend that the current process as being led by parliament and the inclusive government be immediately stopped and an independent, democratic constitutional reform process be initiated.

    We resolve that if the inclusive government and or parliament do not heed our call to cease forthwith the constitutional reform process as outlined in Article 6 of the Global Political Agreement (GPA), we will actively seek a rejection of any draft constitution produced by the same process through campaigning for a NO vote should that draft be brought to a referendum.

    We further resolve that the people of Zimbabwe have an inalienable right to reject or accept any draft constitution brought before them and that if they so decide to reject any document that comes out of the GPA's Article 6, it remains their democratic right to do so.

    That after such a possible rejection of a draft constitution that emerges from the Article 6 process, we will continue to lead and assist the people to continue in earnest with the campaign for a democratic constitution as soon as possible after that No Vote.

    We further resolve that we shall undertake and expand our civic education programme to explain to the people of Zimbabwe the resolutions outlined herein beginning in the month of August 2009 until such time there is a people driven democratic constitution for Zimbabwe.

    We also recommit ourselves to ensuring that there is gender equality and recognition of the views and needs of the physically challenged in our TAKE CHARGE campaign.

    As we enter 2010 this will be the agenda and program of action for the constitutional movement. We will, beginning this very January, together with our traditional allies - the labour and students movements, intensify the people's community meetings and grassroots mobilisation for a genuine people driven constitution.

    We wish to take this opportunity to thank the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) for remaining firm unwavering and resolute in demanding a genuine people driven constitution. Your work in ensuring a people's centered agenda at the core of national processes has over years provided the much needed vanguard role to our broad movement and the people of Zimbabwe.

    On this note allow us to take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous 2010.

    Bumbiro Ngarinyorwe Nevanhu

    Madock Chivasa
    NCA National Spokesperson

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