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December 03 day of action to say no to poverty, oppression and dictatorship!
Zimbabwe Social Forum
December 02, 2008

Following the Zimbabwe Social Forum held in Harare on the 11th October 2008 and the Southern Africa Social Forum of the 18th October in Swaziland, it was resolved that the only way to resolve the unprecedented economic and political crisis in Zimbabwe is united direct mass action.

It was noted that whilst the ordinary people were suffering and dying, elites in politics and business were wallowing in luxury yet it was their system of neoliberal capitalism that has caused the crisis in the first place. That half-baked elitist political settlements centred around imperialist inspired neoliberal economic policies as in the non-inclusive SADC-Mbeki talks and already being implemented by the unelected de facto Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono who has been imposed on the people of Zimbabwe for a further five years, would only perpetuate the suffering of the people and the rule of his illegitimate and unelected masters in the Zanu PF regime. We cannot and we will not accept the same Gono who financed the destruction of our houses in Operation Murambatsvina and stole millions of US dollars meant for drugs and support of those with AIDS/HIV to buy judges, army and police chiefs and politicians Prados and Plasma TVs. That the only way forward to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis were immediate fresh democratic elections held under a new people driven constitution that also guarantees the bread and butter issues of the working people and subordinates the private profit and wealth of the few to the human and social needs of the many.

To that end it was resolved to mobilize for all out united mass action on 3 December by the Zimbabwe Social Forum together with the actions called by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) demanding the removal of bank cash limits and the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) rejecting the elitist constitutional process agreed by the politicians and instead demanding a people driven constitution. In addition are those demands already stated in the Peoples Charter including:

  • Removal of all limits on cash withdrawals in banks --- its our money . . . Gono must go now!
  • Abolish all forex shops --- pay workers tax-free minimum living wages in forex
  • Declare Cholera outbreak a national disaster --- clean water for the people and full compensation for those who died of Cholera
  • Free ARV Drugs and support care --- open our hospitals and pay nurses and doctors living wages --- We want free quality health care for all!
  • Open our schools, colleges and universities now - pay teachers and lecturers living wages - abolish all fees in forex . . . We want free quality education for all!
  • Affordable quality state subsidized public transport for all
  • Living pensions for the disabled and elderly and free aids for them like wheelchairs and crutches and an end to the stigmatization and discrimination against the disabled
  • No to harassment of informal and cross border traders --- passports are our rights!
  • Full, affordable and quality state subsidized social services: water; electricity; refuse collection; housing; sewerage facilities --- no to privatization of social utilities.
  • Full democracy now: No to the elitist GNU and Kariba Draft Constitution which keep the losers of the March 2008 elections in power! We demand free and fair elections under a People Driven Constitution!

Already thousands have been protesting and striking in the last few weeks from nurses, doctors, women, students, the NCA and in the last few days, riots by underpaid and starving junior members of the armed forces. The hour has now arrived in Zimbabwe! None but ourselves shall free ourselves! We shall from tomorrow Wednesday the 3rd December gather and march from bank premises in our thousands as AIDS/HIV activists, traders, students, youths, women, the disabled, workers, residents, artists, socialists and social, constitutional and economic justice activists, regardless of whatever the regime throws at us. The hour of freedom is near . . . We call on all progressive movements and activists in Africa and globally to stand with us as we reject poverty, oppression and dictatorship and fight for freedom!

Our Country is not for sale . . . Another Zimbabwe is Possible! Another World is Possible!

Say No to Privatisation . . . Neoliberalism and Capitalism!

The Zimbabwe Social Forum is made up of over forty organizations and movements from the following clusters: AIDS/HIV; Disabled; Labour and Trade Unions; Youths; Residents; Gender; Social Service Delivery; Informal Trade; Debt and Trade; Human Rights and Governance and Faith Based.

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