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NCA walk the talk
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
November 26, 2008

More than 700 National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) activists took to the streets of Harare today where they were protesting against, among other things, the continued amendments to the current constitution by the incumbent government.

The demonstration, which started at Construction House, ended at the Parliament building where NCA intended to table their demands to Parliament. The demands are in line with their 3 point plan which calls for:

  • The setting up of a transitional authority
  • The penning of a new, democratic, people driven constitution
  • And holding of free and fair elections under a new constitution

However, the demonstration was disrupted by a cabal of armed riot police who pounced on the peaceful protestors before indiscriminately beating them. Our team on the ground revealed that more than 10 activists were injured and 12 were briefly detained while the number of activists still in police custody has not yet been determined.

Meanwhile . . .

The cholera outbreak which has claimed more than 350 lives since the beginning of November has spread to the city of Gweru where, according to sources, nine lives were lost since Monday in Mkoba high density suburb. Over the past two days, seven prisoners also succumbed to cholera at Harare Remand Prison, according to sources at the prison.

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