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NCA stages successful demonstration
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
December 07, 2007

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In an act of clear determination and courage, more than 300 NCA activists staged a demonstration from Harare's Copacabana area to the Parliament Building. They were however violently dispersed by riot police who were heavily armed. The police launched a severe attack on the activists and the general public who were in the vicinity of the area that they were marching.

The activists who were chanting songs about the need for a new constitution, braved the wet weather as they marched. The demonstration was staged so as to protest against the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 18 Act as well as the degenerating situation of ordinary Zimbabweans who are experiencing a dire political, social and economic crisis.

The struggle to have a new, democratic and people driven constitution will continue as long as the issue remains unaddressed. We say no to willy-nilly amendments of the constitution. Rather, the people of Zimbabwe should be consulted so that they contribute to the process of making a new constitution. Demonstrations will therefore continue so as to pressure the government to embrace our cause.

The struggle continues, we are indeed ready to die for a new constitution.

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