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NCA members seriously assaulted as they demonstrate against Amendment 18 Bill
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
October 16, 2007

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Today 34 members of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) were seriously injured after the police brutally dispersed 400 people who had demonstrated in Harare against Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment no. 18 Bill.

The NCA strongly condemns the high-handiness of the police given that the NCA march was a peaceful one. We were not armed and we never disturbed anything or anyone. We wonder why the regime still believes in bloodshed. We were merely exercising our right to demonstrate against something we abhor.

The injured - including a man who sustained a deep cut on the forehead - have since been taken to a private hospital for treatment.

The protest march started near First Street with an intention to go to Parliament where the whole circus of Amendment 18 is taking place. The marchers were rounded up at the government propaganda house - Herald House - where the police took turns to beat the NCA members.

We urge all pro-democratic forces in Zimbabwe to include all stakeholders in fundamental issues such as constitutional making.

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