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  • Strikes and Protests 2007/8 - Doctors and Nurses strikes

  • Doctors increase their demands
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    September 28, 2007

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    Doctors are now demanding a new salary of 120 million dollars, 40 million dollars up from their initial demand of 80 million. Apparently junior doctors are earning 6million whilst senior doctors are getting 10 million.

    The medical practitioners held a meeting with the Health Services Board last Friday tabling their new demands. The board failed to come up with a decision.

    The Coalition calls upon the Government of Zimbabwe to address the demands by the teachers and doctors in order to stabilize the education and health system in the country.

    Crisis Coalition is in solidarity with PTUZ and Doctors. Their job actions are justified. The failure by the government of Zimbabwe to address the plight of the civil service is a clear indication of the crisis of governance, which has confronted the state for the past 27 years of Zanu PF's rule.

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