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Crisis Coalition intern arrested
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
September 21, 2007

MEMORY Kadau, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition intern was yesterday arrested whilst administering the Coalition stand at the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Expo in the Harare Gardens. She was arrested around 1550 hours and spent the whole night languishing in the filthy cells at Harare Central Police Station.

By 1200 noon today, she was still detained without access to food, relatives and fellow employees.

Kadau was arrested by three plain cloths police officers from the Harare Central Police Station Law and Order section. The police officers accused her of distributing material which denigrates President Robert Mugabe.

They alleged Kadau was working for what they called, a 'bogus organization' which aims to effect regime change in the country.

The police also accused the Coalition of allegedly abusing the late national hero and Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army chief, General Josiah Magama Tongogara by using his pre-independence speech on free and fair elections on the organisation's banner.

In 1978, Tongogara called for free and fair elections where international observers would oversee before the holding of the 1980 independence election which ended colonial rule in Zimbabwe.

As result, they confiscated the banner and other materials of the Coalition and took them to Harare Central Police Station.

Lawyer Charles Kwaramba from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human rights who gained access today revealed she was subjected to intensive interrogations. The lawyer noted that police officers were threatening to beat her up if she failed to disclose where they could find the Crisis Coalition's leadership.

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