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History will absolve Bronislawa Kwinjo
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
September 19, 2007

The entire NCA Taskforce, Staff and membership joins the Kwinjo family in mourning the death of Bronislawa Kwinjo who died last week after succumbing to the injuries she sustained after being inflicted on her by the police in July this year while demonstrating for a new constitution.

Ms Kwinjo (64) was one of the 243 NCA members who were brutally assaulted by the police on 25 July 2007 at Harare Central police station. The assaults followed a successful peaceful demonstration inn which 400 activists took part. Ms Kwinjo and 242 others were later arrested by police at the NCA Head office from where they were taken to Harare central police station. They were heavily brutalized by police for more than four hours before being released into the dark of the night.

When Ms Kwnjo was taken to hospital, x-rays showed that she had sustained severe fractures on her chest. She never got to fully recover and continued to be in and out of hospital until her death on 7 September 2007.

We hoped she would be back on her feet again and continue in the struggle for a new, democratic and people-driven constitution. That was not to be. We have now lost this gallant daughter of the constitutional movement to forces of oppression who thrive on evil. Now, her 10 children have been left without a loving and caring mother.

Not only her children are in a state of a painful loss. The entire pro-democracy movement has lost yet another mother of the revolution. She is a heroine history will certainly absolve her for the heroic life she lived .

Lala ngokhuthula qawe lethu. Rarai murugare gamba redu. Rest in peace our hero.

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