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  • Strikes and Protests 2007- Save Zimbabwe Campaign

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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    August 03, 2007

    " . . . We will not brook any protests , any attempt to cause problems . . . those who want to rebel and cause lawlessness will be beaten to the ground like they have never been beaten . . . if that is Hitler, then let me be Hitler tenfold. Ten times. That's what we stand for." Robert Mugabe 2002 cited in Martin Meredith (2006)

    The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition celebrates the first anniversary of The Save Zimbabwe Campaign (SZC). The campaign remains a fundamental and critical platform in the fight for democracy in Zimbabwe. It is with this in mind that we join SZC in commemorating the tremendous work by the campaign in the past year.

    Since the historic July 29, 2006 inaugural convention, the campaign has worked tirelessly in providing a unified platform towards the confrontation of the deep rooted national crisis which is by and large attributed to the crisis of governance and legitimacy.

    The SZC has withered the suffocating environment Zimbabweans are operating under. It has never been easy to operationalise its activities under a legal framework being sustained by nefarious legislative pieces such as the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA); the Public Order and Security Act (POSA) among others.

    The road has been punctuated by abductions, detentions and torture on the leaders of the campaign as happened on the March 11, 2007 prayer rally which turned out to be bloody. It was on that fateful day that the nation lost a national hero, Gift Tandare, who was shot by the police in Highfields.

    The work of the SZC is commendable, especially when dealing with a government which is afraid of its shadows, more so when operating in an environment that is littered with skeletons of banned newspapers, the rampant torture of human rights activists and the murder of those perceived to be critical to the establishment.

    Irrespective of the state brutality against The Save Zimbabwe Campaigners on the 11th of March 2007, the campaign has soldiered and continues to display a spirited fight towards ending repressive rule in the country.

    We call upon the Save Zimbabwe Campaigners to remain resolute and bold in their effort to address the national crisis. We maintain that the trenches have failed to turn into graves for the campaign, but rather have strengthened the campaign's resolve.

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