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NCA stages successful demonstrations in Harare and Mutare
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
July 11, 2007

The NCA today staged two successful demonstrations in Harare and Mutare. The Mutare demonstrations took place at 1100 Hours while the Harare one took place at 1700 Hours. Both demonstrations were staged in push for a democratic and people-driven constitution that can pave way for free and fair elections and democratic governance.

150 people participated in the Mutare demonstration and some 200 participated in the Harare demonstrations. In Mutare, the demonstrators caught police unaware of what was to happen and managed to march for more than thirty minutes in central Mutare, waving placards and banners calling for a new constitution and the scrapping of the proposed eighteenth amendment to the Constitution of Zimbabwe. After the demonstrations, the police went on a witch-hunt that resulted in the arrest of Bernard Dube the NCA Manicaland field officer as well as 16 other NCA activists.

In Harare, some 200 people demonstrated in push for a new constitution along Nelson Mandela Avenue. As they approached Parliament a truckload of armed riot police intercepted and prevented them from demonstrating at Parliament. The riot police assaulted the demonstrators with truncheons and set dogs on them.

What the police has displayed in both Harare and Mutare are sordid acts of repression. While the government claims that it is committed to law and order, its actions of suppressing dissent point to otherwise. As shown by its actions today, the ZANU PF government is increasingly determined to hang onto power through repression.

As NCA, we will not be diverted by this government's terror campaign. More protests are coming next week. As long as the people's demand for a democratic constitution is not honored, we will continue in the streets.

We are indeed, ready to die for a new Constitution!

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