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Terror spreads to Bulawayo, another abducted student found
Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD)
April 22, 2007

Two student activists were picked up after an inspiring and powerful meeting organized by the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) and the Transparent International-Zimbabwe (TI-Z). They were taken to different locations where they were tortured, asked to denounce their allegiance to any opposition to the tyranny of the rogue regime led by Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The meeting had been organized to discuss public intervention in the ZINWA take over of the water management of Bulawayo and the civic input into local governance.

The young fighters spoke in the meeting and argued for the removal of the current neoliberal dictatorship of ZANU PF that had seen an escalation of the privatization agenda spiraling into the co modification of Bulawayo water. Little did the young energetic student leaders suspect that amongst the exuberant crowd was a few state lumpen puppets that had been planted to respond and be angry on behalf of the head of state. They were tracked from the meeting to the Khami Bar, a live band sanctuary where they were bundled into a car and taken to different places for torture and interrogation.

This new wave of violence is here for ever and there are signs that Mugabe will escalate them in the face of impending elections next year. But the brilliance and urge to fight that Vallencio Jachi and Trust Nhubu displayed in the meeting is the way forward. They were clamped for arguing for true fighting spirit to get rid of the corrupt government and building a new Zimbabwe founded on the values of the liberation of masses from the York of tyrannical and barbaric neoliberal hegemony led by Mugabe and administered by Gideon Gono.

Taking over of water management by ZINWA in the whole country is one of the many prescriptions from the IMF to commodify our sources of livelihood. The two were crucified for refusing the privatization agenda. They gave testimonies on the ravages of privatization the education sector and other social services like electricity. More attacks are coming and the defense will be based on our ability to build up the true agenda of the people of Zimbabwe.

This attack on activists comes barely two days after the country’s Independence celebrations just to show how desperate the current regime is.

Hopewell Gumbo
ZIMCODD Southern Region Chairperson Bulawayo

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