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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    April 13, 2007

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    "WE don't want to create a socio-legal order in the country in which people will go to bed after having barricaded their doors and windows because someone from the special police branch will visit them during the night, no we are tired of it that's why we are in this revolution for as long as it is going to take." -Dr. Eddison Zvobgo 1974

    On Saturday, 14th April 2007, The Save Zimbabwe Campaign will hold a prayer meeting at St Patrick's Community Church in the suburb of Makokoba in Bulawayo. The prayer rally will commence at 0900hours till 1200hours. Representatives from labour, the church, students unions, political formations and other pro-democracy groups are expected to converge in Bulawayo to pray for the nation currently facing a deep- seated and multi-layered national crisis.

    Speakers include, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leaders, Morgan Tsvangirai (President); Arthur Mutambara (President), National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) Chairperson, Dr Lovemore Madhuku; Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) President, Promise Mkwananzi; Christian Alliance Chairperson, Dr Reverend Levy Kadenge; Paul Siwela (ZAPU FP) Archbishop Pius Ncube; the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) among others.

    We call upon the people of Zimbabwe to attend this rally which shall shape Zimbabwe's destiny. The leadership of the Campaign once again reiterates its commitment to the resolution of the Zimbabwean crisis in total defiance of the brutality being perpetrated by the State security agents.

    We deplore the use of violence by those that are in power not by peoples' consent but through coercive means. The State has an obligation to protect the citizenry and to respect the human rights, including the civil and political liberties of the people. We denounce the current attempts by the State-sponsored terror group, Chipangano to abduct the widow of the late Gift Tandare. The Mbare-based terror group descended on the Tandare residence in Glen View in the evening of the 5th of April 2006 and threatened to rape and torture Tandare's wife.

    As the Save Zimbabwe Campaign, we demand to vote in 2008 under a new democratic and people-driven constitution. The elections must be held under regional and international norms governing democratic elections.

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