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Recommendations to the government of South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
Solidarity Peace Trust
March 24, 2007

Governments in the SADC region should build a consensus on Zimbabwe and what is to be done to stabilise the degenerating humanitarian and political situation. Policy makers in the region need to develop a more critical view and to push Zimbabwe into national dialogue. Recent critical statements from the African Union and the critical debates and comments emanating from some countries in Africa are a welcome development. This debate and the regional perception of Zimbabwe needs to develop a sharper focus.

At the forthcoming SADC meeting, Heads of State need to place Zimbabwe high on their agenda, and to develop a concrete proposal on how to promote dialogue between all parties in Zimbabwe. The purpose of this dialogue would be to develop a SADC road map for Zimbabwe, which deals with the following issues:

  • A process for a new constitution
  • A process to put in place new electoral and security laws
  • The re-enfranchisement of the disenfranchised
  • The mobilisation of international resources for economic recovery in Zimbabwe
  • A retirement package for President Mugabe

There is a need for the United Nations Security Council to discuss the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe and SADC should promote this.

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