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  • Strikes and Protests 2007- Save Zimbabwe Campaign

  • Save Zimbabwe detention diary Day 5
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    March 15, 2007

    Tortured leadership still in hospital
    Mrs Sekai Holland is nursing a broken rib, the Daily Catalyst team has learnt yesterday. Apart from a plastered hand, her left leg might be amputated if the medical team fails to operate her today. The medical team has been failing to perform the operation due to the internal blood clouting since the atrocious day, 11 May 2007. When the Daily Catalyst team left the hospital Holland was being taken to the theatre room.

    MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai is recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit at the Avenues clinic. Also in the ICU are Elton Mangoma, Gwavava and Lovemore Madhuku and Grace Kwinjeh.

    107 still in detention across the country
    107 activists still in detention across the country, 74 in Mutare, 7 in Harare, 10 in Kwekwe and 16 in Gweru. The detainees just like those who were detained in Harare, are being tortured for exercising their constitutional rights to freely express themselves. They are being persecuted participating in the Save Zimbabwe Campaign, a non-violent democratic resistance campaign.

    Tandare’s funeral procession expected tomorrow
    The funeral processions of Gift Tandare, who has since been declared a National Hero by pro-democracy forces is expected to start tomorrow. The Catalyst team is however not yet informed of whether the burial will take place in Glen View or in his rural area, Mt Darwin. The Catalyst will disseminate the information as soon as details are made available.

    ZANU PF thugs torch Zupco Bus
    The Catalyst has learnt that the attack of a ZUPCO bus which was ferrying mourners to the Tandare funeral was burnt by Zanu PF hoodlums. Victims positively identified neighborhood police, who are alleged to be staunch Zanu PF sympathizers based at Stoddard police station in Mbare. Those identified were temporarily detained at the police station but released without any charges. Two of them were only identified as Mabhena and Rera.

    ZANU PF thugs temporarily shuts down Siyaso in Mbare
    A group of stick-wielding ZANU PF youths this morning forced-marched traders at Mbare’s Siyaso market into three ZUPCO buses heading to the Harare International Airport for to welcome some delegates visiting Zimbabwe.

    The youths closed the market and forced people into buses heading for the Airport.

    It has become ZANU PF’s tradition to force people into welcoming foreign signatories or Mugabe on his numerous trips. Mugabe usually uses such platforms to attack and vilify opposition and pro-democracy for opposing his dictatorial administration.

    Visit the Crisis in Zimbabwe fact sheet

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