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CID raids PTUZ
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
March 09, 2007

4 men purporting to be officers from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Murehwa district raided the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) offices in Harare on Wednesday 7 March searching for radios being distributed by the organization.

The four, named only as Jonga, Bhamu, Mhaka and Zengeya, were driving a Mazda Eagle and were suspected to be from the Central Intelligence. According to the PTUZ, the key issue which was being raised was where the radios were taken from and if they had paid duty. they demanded receipts and invoices, threatening to produce them would imply that they are British funded and donor driven.

However, members of the PTUZ refused to surrender any information as the issue of radios is being dealt with in the High Court and they were urged to go through their lawyers. The raid was interjected by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) who told the officers that they were not allowed to visit the offices since the case was already at the courts.

The case went to court after the lawyers filed an urgent application against the seizure of radios from teachers by suspected CIO agents at Chemhondoro School in Murehwa. Six radios were seized by the state agents at the school. PTUZ members have been facing intimidation since Ray Kaukonde the Governor of Mashonaland East castigated radio distribution and vowed to deal with anyone who had anything to do with the radios.

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