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Strikes and Protests 2007- Index of articles
Last updated May 04, 2007

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  • Save Zimbabwe Campaign - Highfields meeting - March 11, 2007
    • Images of hospitalised activists injured whilst in police custody
    • Images from the Magistrates Court on March 13 when activists arrested for trying to particpate in the Save Zimbabwe Campaign Prayer Meeting on March 11, were brought to court
    • Animated GIF of the above images (500kb). Right click the link and select "Save link as" or "Save target as" to copy this file to your own computer.
    • Images of Grace Kwinjeh's injuries sustained whilst in police custody
    • Photograph of the bereaved family of Gift Tandare who was shot dead by police on the day of the meeting
    • Images from Highfield, Harare on the day of the meeting
    • Images of police brutality inflicted on Highfield residents on the day of the meeting - MDC
  • MDC rally in Highfield, Harare - February 18, 2007
    • Photographs of injuries sustained when police disrupted the rally
    • Images of police dispersing members of the public in Highfield
  • Police adverts on temporary prohibition of holding of public demonstrations/rallies within Harare
  • Images from WOZA Valentine's Day marches in Harare and Bulawayo

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