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  • Strikes and Protests 2007/8 - Teachers and Lecturers

  • PTUZ members under attack
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    February 14, 2007

    Members of the Progressive Teachersí Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) are under siege from the state security agents and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives. At around 10 am today, people claiming to be from the Presidentís office stormed Seke 4 High School in Chitungwiza and quizzed Jacob Rukweza , the PTUZ Harare Chairperson about the ongoing strike by teachers.

    Since last week the PTUZ has been on a nationwide strike to press for better salaries and better working conditions for teachers. At Seke 4 High School, plainclothes officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) force marched teachers to the staff room and started to address them about what they said were the dangers of dabbling in politics. The officers issued a stern warning to teachers who are participating in the strike threatening them with death.

    Raymond Majongwe, PTUZ Secretary-General has urged teachers to remain steadfast and resolute about their demands. "We urge our members to remain strong in the face of intimidation and death threats. Such action by the State is obviously an affront to our freedoms as teachers and cannot be accepted", said Majongwe.

    Cases of intimidation of teachers have also been reported in both Gokwe North and South. It is reported that members of the CID and intelligence operatives are moving around schools in the area compiling a register, including national registration numbers for teachers who are participating in the PTUZ action. The PTUZ Chairperson for Gweru, Obert Maravanyika has also been quizzed by police and threatened with unspecified action.

    The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition wishes to re-state the position that President Robert Mugabeís government is responsible for bad governance that has left the country at the mercy of misguided elements who are prepared to do anything in a bid to prop up the waning fortunes of ZANU PF. A return to normalcy can only be achieved through the necessary political will to honestly deal with grievances being raised by teachers, nurses, doctors and other workers.

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