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Statement on the arrest of Christian Alliance leaders in Kadoma
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
January 27, 2007

On Friday 26 January 2007, the state agents of the Government of Zimbabwe rounded up 40 church men, women and youths who had gathered in a church in the small town of Kadoma about 300km South West of Harare. The 40 Christians had gathered to launch the Christian Alliance in Kadoma. After rounding up the 40, the state agents isolated 7 of the members who and incarcerated them. As we issue this statement, the 7 are still in incarceration in Kadoma and this office has not yet established what charges the state intends to prefer against the Christians. From experience, the state will usually use the draconian Public Order and Security Act which prohibits the free assembly of Zimbabweans to gather, discuss, and map ways of arresting the deteriorating socio-economic and political of Zimbabwe.

The Christian Alliance is a grouping of likeminded Christians leaders in Zimbabwe, both lay and ordained, who believe that God has called them to play a role in the resolution of the crisis in Zimbabwe. The Alliance was formed in 2005 and was officially launched at the Anglican Cathedral in Bulawayo. The Alliance has taken a lead in mobilizing pro-democracy forces in Zimbabwe to act as one in confronting the Pharaoh like regime of Robert Mugabe through the Save Zimbabwe Campaign. The Alliance sees the government of Zimbabwe as a manifestation of evil and sin, which needs to be confronted in the manner Biblical Pharaoh, was confronted. They have vowed to mobilize all Zimbabweans to repentance, salvation and see Zimbabwe being restored to the glory of God.

The continued incarceration of the 7 members of the Christian Alliance, who include Jonah Gokova of the Ecumenical Support Service, Ray Motsi of the Baptist Church in Bulawayo, the blind Pastor Magaya of the Zimbabwe National Pastors Conference, Pastor Mugabe and three others is intended to send shock waves to the Christian community which of recent times has become critical of the status quo in Zimbabwe. Information received this afternoon was that the Christians are in good spirits, praying and praising God. They know this could mean an end their lives, but they have no doubt in their minds of the promise of the Resurrection and the Gospel imperatives and its Kingdom values.

As Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, we condemn the arrest of pastors and Christian leaders in their churches. We condemn the Government of Zimbabwe for criminalizing its citizens simply because they see things differently from the Government’s point of view. We have no doubt that the government of Zimbabwe is aware of its lack of popularity, hence its resolve to cow the Church to its side and to use apartheid tactics in silencing the people. We urge the Christians to stand firm in their faith that God cannot be silenced.

We call upon the Christians in Southern Africa to pray for the Christians who are persecuted daily in Zimbabwe, and that they call upon the government of Zimbabwe to release those arrested without further delay. We call upon the Church worldwide to speak and act as called by their faith when it comes to evil governments.

Another Zimbabwe is Possible!

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