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Zanu PF political machinations exposed
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
December 18, 2006

The SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections 2.1.4 stipulates "regular intervals for elections as provided for by the respective National Constitutions". Furthermore Article 2;1;1 state that a democratic election should have full citizen participation in political processes. Even if President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF amend the constitution to facilitate postponement through parliament, the lack of citizens' participation through a referendum remains an affront to the SADC principles and guidelines. The ruling party has come up with a resolution of postponing the 2008 Presidential elections to 2010 which has subsequently been adopted as a government position without consulting with the generality of Zimbabweans. The argument that parliament will debate on the issue does not hold water given the manner in which the institution has been operating in the past. The outcome of those deliberations are predictable as the parliament is predominantly Zanu PF.

In his concluding remarks at a Zanu PF Annual people's conference held last week, Mugabe highlighted that chief amongst the resolutions adopted at the same meeting was that the presidential and the parliamentary elections be postponed to 2010.Such a move is not surprising, given the nature of the party and leader in question. Zanu Pf as a party has become indispensable with tyranny and has a habit of making decisions on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe.

The reason proffered for the delay of the elections is that, holding the presidential election in 2008 and later in 2010 the parliamentary elections will be costly and thus holding both election in the same year will be cost effective. If the postponement is only a matter of the costs why not have both elections in 2008 and not push them to 2010 where their running might prove to be even expensive considering the rate at which the economy is deteriorating. Whilst every sane person could see that the 2005 Senatorial Elections were a shear waste of resources, the government, at a time the economy of Zimbabwe was in Intensive Care Unit, defied logic and went ahead with the elections. This clearly denotes Zanu PF's lack of commitment to economic resuscitation as they would want to portray.

The postponement of the 2008 Presidential election will do little, if anything to change the fortunes of Zimbabwe as a country as it will further entrench the grip of the dictatorship and consequently more suffering for Zimbabweans. The postponement therefore is motivated by self aggrandizement and insatiable desire for power on Zanu PF's part as opposed to the purported economic reasons!

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