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New vehicle security registration number plates
Automobile Association of Zimbabwe (AAZ)
June 08, 2005

Vehicle registration and licensing regulations: S.I. 427/1999 Amended – S.I. 31/2005

This pamphlet is issued as a general guide for motorists requiring to obtain the new Zimbabwean number plates. The information is correct at the time of print. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents, the AAZ does not hold itself responsible for errors or omissions. Further information may be obtained from Central Vehicle Registry on telephone numbers 04- 752535 or 772037.

All existing old number plates will have to be changed within a period of two (2) years from a date yet to be publicly announced.

Accordingly, CVR have advised that there will be a phased implementation when individual number plates will be changed. This will be done in alphabetical order e.g. privately owned vehicle plates with letter "A" will be given a certain time-frame, then the letter "B" and so on. This process will be time- consuming, as the vehicles will also need Police Clearance. The conversion deadline dates for vehicles registered in the 23 alphabetic check letters shall be announced in due course.

Members are advised to watch the press for details
Until the deadline is announced, only vehicles in the following categories are under the obligation to conform to the new number plates:

  • Those seeking their first ever or original registration in this country
  • Ex-government and ex-diplomatic vehicles entering into the country’s conventional vehicle registration system for the very first time.
  • Those whose registered ownership had to change.
  • Those registered in the outgoing number plating system but whose front or rear number plate has to be replaced after being lost or damaged as the case may be (A written Police Report and CVR authorization are a must to facilitate the conversion to the new number plates).

Replacement set of number plates for private vehicles
The following documents will be required:

  • Completed Application/Notification for Registration (CVR4). This form is obtainable from CVR and/or any motor vehicle Registration Office handling new number plates such as the Local Authority (City Council) and ZIMRA.
  • NB. In Harare, the CVR4 form is also obtainable from Southerton Police Station.
  • Positive identification in the form of a national identification card, a valid Zimbabwean Driver’s licence or passport for the person in whose name the vehicle is being registered.
  • Proof of residence (individuals). Permissible proof accepted: ZESA bill, Local Authority Water bill, phone bill, bank account statement or credit sales statements in the name of the applicant.
  • Vehicle registration book
  • Insurance cover note
  • Payment of ZW$600 000.00 (includes a new Registration Book fee )
  • Vehicle Police Clearance (see footnote)

Motorists should surrender their original registration book and the present registration number plates for the vehicle when collecting the new number plates.

It is possible for a driver to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate and, thereafter, to obtain the licence plates on the owner’s behalf provided that:

  1. all the other above documents have been obtained;
  2. an affidavit to the effect that the owner of the vehicle authorises the driver to obtain the Police Clearance Certificate and collect the licence plates; and,
  3. the driver’s I.D

Company vehicle requirements

  • Letter of Authority for the driver on a company letterhead to act on behalf of the company in the changing of number plates.
  • CVR4 form
  • Vehicle registration book
  • Insurance cover note
  • Driver’s National Identification Card
  • Police clearance
  • Payment of ZW$600 000.00

Vat on change of ownership
Payment of VAT should be made only to ZIMRA, who will issue a VAT Payment Receipt or a Vat Clearance Certificate as authority for change of ownership.

Persons wishing to change ownership should first visit ZIMRA Offices where Vat is levied at 15% of the fair market value of the vehicle. The following documents should be submitted:

  • Agreement of sale indicating the names and signatures of the buyer and seller together with their national identity numbers; type of vehicle and its value and; the date the agreement was entered into
  • CVR 4 form duly signed and stamped by the Police (after VTS- see below)
  • Vehicle registration book and any other documents pertaining to the motor vehicle eg. Carbon Tax, receipt etc.

Registration plate requirements on vehicle change of Ownership (by the new owner)

  • Vehicle registration book bearing the seller’s name and known address
  • CVR4 form clearly showing that the change of ownership deal has been authorized by C.I.D’s Vehicle Theft Squad (VTS). (this is in lieu of the Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Positive identification.
  • Vehicle Insurance cover note.
  • Acceptable proof of residence.
  • Payment of ZW$600 000.00
  • Documentary proof showing that VAT on the sale has been paid to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA).

VAT Exemptions
In the following instances, where a motor vehicle is transferred without valuable consideration, VAT is exempted:

  • Registered operators /companies- since they would have been required to remit VAT on the sale of the vehicle during their (the companies) respective tax period.
  • Between legally married couples and their children. A marriage certificate for the couple and a long type Birth certificate should be produced for the child, showing the names of the parents.
  • By way of inheritance, provided there is a Death certificate, Will or Final Liquidation and Distribution Account.
  • When selling to a Non-Government Organisation, provided there is proof that such an Organisation is registered within Zimbabwe.

New or original vehicle registration in Zimbabwe

  • First time registrations in Zimbabwe (imported vehicles ie both new and second-hand, locally assembled new vehicles, ex-government/diplomatic vehicles and new or imported second hand trailers) should submit the following documents to ZIMRA Offices:
  • CVR4 form cleared by the Police.
  • At the time of collecting the new number plates, surrender both foreign Registration book and old number plates if any.
  • Original copy of the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Organisation (SARPCO) clearance certificate for second-hand vehicles from SADC region.
  • Police Clearance certificate from country of export in respect of vehicles imported from countries other than the SADC region.
  • Original Customs clearance certificate (CCC)
  • Customs clearance documents for the vehicle imported i.e. Bill of Entry together with the stamped ZIMRA release order from the port of entry, Invoices, receipts and/or forms for vehicles cleared under the immigrant/inheritance rebate.
  • Invoice from Auctioneers for vehicles sold at public auctions.
  • Carbon Tax payment receipt.
  • Certificate of roadworthiness/fitness for a home-made trailer and/or vehicle that had been off the road for some time or sold at a public auction. The certificate should contain the gross and net mass of the vehicle and is obtainable from the Vehicle Inspection Department (V.I.D).
  • Vehicle insurance cover note.
  • Positive identification
  • Proof of residence.
  • Payment of ZW$600 000.00

The motor vehicle must be present for it to be registered.

Personalised/specialised vehicle registration number plate

  • These number plates are voluntary. They are available as an option for those keen on pursing self-promotional and/or for to them to use as round the clock advertising for one’s services and or products
  • Applications are made on application CVR4A form, which is then vetted and processed at Central Vehicle Registry Offices only.
  • A non-refundable application fee of ZW$250 000.00 should accompany the CVR4A form. It is recommended that a Swift Transport "Action Pack" is provided by applicants from outside Harare for quick delivery to the CVR Office, should you submit your application at any other Motor Vehicle Registration Office other than the CVR Office.
  • First time registrations (imported vehicles etc) must first obtain a set of the ordinary/conventional/standard number plates before they can be allowed to convert to the personalized/specialized plates.
  • The applicant should propose a maximum number of 1-9 character combinations with the first preferred three (3) in ranking order of choice.
  • The chosen numbers should avoid an already allocated mark or number so as not to confuse i.e. a number which resembles another registration or is indecent or offensive from a religious/political point of view.
  • Chosen personalized numbers that are found to be undesirable in any one of the foregoing categories will not be authorized. However, should the personalized plates be mistakenly granted, CVR will withdraw and cancel these plates and no refunds shall be made.
  • Other preferred personalized/specialized marks and numbers which are considered more popular than others and are in great demand (e.g. AAA0001 to 0009 and any ‘ 786’ combinations) shall be only allocated at a later stage to the highest bidder through auction.
  • A minimum fee of ZW$5 000 000.00 (ZW$5m) per plate (ZW$10m total) is payable and not refundable once a firm order has been placed with the manufacturer. The same fee is payable for a replacement set of plates. Personalised number plates unlike the standard/ordinary number plates are for life once issued. They can be used on another vehicle should you dispose of the original vehicle although the owner has an obligation to formalize the intended transfer.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Vehicle registration book
  • Vehicle Police Clearance
  • Proof of Identification

Replacement of a number plate
Should the need arise to apply for a 3rd number plate due to the original beingdamaged, disfigured or tampered with under circumstances beyond the control of the vehicle’s registered owner, an acceptable written Police Report to this effect must be submitted to CVR with a fee of ZW$50 000.00.

If the vehicle’s front or rear number plate has to be replaced, an acceptable written Police Report is also a must. The surviving number plate (front or rear as the case may be) must be surrendered at the Registration Office together with the vehicle’s registration book after which a completely new set of vehicle registration documents depicting a completely new registration number will be issued at a fee of $600 000.00.
An acknowledgement document for documents so surrendered, shall be issued by the Registering Office.

For more information from the AAZ, contact:

F M Steblecki (Mrs)
Head of Touring & Publications

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