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Madhuku's life in danger
Alois Dzvairo, NCA National Youth Chairperson, National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
March 18, 2005

The National Youth Council of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) expresses deep concern over the personal attack that was directed at the NCA Chairperson, Dr Lovemore Madhuku by Police Commissioner, Augustine Chihuri when the Commissioner addressed a press conference at the Police General Headquarters on Tuesday 22nd March 2005. In light of such a vitriol laden personal attack on our Chairperson by the uppermost police officer on the land, the NCA Youth Council, and indeed the entire National Constitutional movement, is now in perpetual fear for the life of the Chairperson.

It is the strong feeling of the NCA National Youth Council that the police Commissioner's attack on Dr Madhuku was entirely uncalled for. The NCA produced report entitled Consolidated Election Climate Report Number 1 is an authentic document confirming how ZANU (PF) is determined to carry out a mother of electoral frauds on March 31 2005. The report has been compiled courtesy of surveys carried out by vigilant and concerned citizens in Zimbabwe's 120 constituencies. Being cognizant of ZANU (PF)'s history and continuing track-record of violence and brutality, the NCA will certainly not surrender the names and other essential details of these innocent citizens. If the police, which is seemingly determined to continue as a Public Relations Department for ZANU PF can be so blatant in issuing out threats on the NCA Chairperson, only the Almighty knows what can happen to these innocent citizens should their names be made public.

In this vein and for the same reasons, the NCA Youth Council considers unbinding the so-called Thursday 24 March ultimatum. The Office of the Commissioner of police has never been and can never be a competent court of law. The evidence of looming electoral fraud is there for the Commissioner and all others with eyes to see. Only those who have been blinded by ZANU (PF) patronage will and can stand to doubt and question the authenticity of the NCA report in question. To prove how the police can not come with a strong case against the report, the Commissioner has failed to dismiss the report on its merits or demerits. Instead, the Commissioner chose to stoop so low as to hide behind a finger attacking the person of Dr Madhuku. Such a personal attack on an innocent citizen by a high ranking official brings to total doubt the credibility of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). The attack constitutes an indecent assault that brings to compromise the determination by multitudes of professional officers within ZRP to execute their duties within the parameters of non-partisanship.

The NCA Youth Council takes the police Commissioner's personalized attack on the NCA Chairperson as yet another footnote pointing to how the 31 March parliamentary elections can never be free and fair. With the police being besieged by a wave of personality cult and dangerous patronage, who then will protect the voting citizens from the vagaries and caprices of impending electoral fraud? With Zimbabwe being plunged to such a state of affairs, the NCA Youth Council calls upon concerned members of the international community to observe the March 31 parliamentary elections in light of the political fraud that they are designed to aid. There can never be free and fair elections in an atmosphere in which citizens are perpetually exposed to orgies of state sponsored terror.

As the NCA youths, the Vanguard Movement, we will not be cowed into submission by misdirected threats. We will not eat threats as we continue to enlighten Zimbabweans that there can never be free and fair elections in this country as long as there is no democratic constitution. Whatever may happen to the NCA Chairperson, we may as well hold the state accountable.

No democratic constitution, no free and fair elections. The struggle for a democratic constitution continues!

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