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7 ways to rethink fear
Frances Moore Lappe & Jeffrey Perkins, Utne Reader Issue May/June 2004
April 31, 2004

Old Thoughts New Thoughts
Fear means I'm in danger. Something's wrong. I must seek safety. Fear is pure energy. It's a signal that could mean stop, or could mean go.
If I stop what I'm doing, I'll be lost. I'll never start again. Sometimes we have to stop in order to find our path.
I have to figure it all out before I can do anything. We don't have to believe that we can do it to
do it. Showing up, even with fear, has power.
If I act on what I believe, conflict will break out. I'll be humiliated and ineffective. Conflict means engagement. Something is in motion. It's an opening, not a closing.
Our greatest fears are our worst enemies. They hold us back. Our worst fears can be our greatest teachers.
If I'm really myself, I'll be excluded and alone forever. To find real connection, we must risk disconnection. Our courage draws others toward us.
I'm just a drop in the bucket. My effort might make me feel better, but it won't help. Every time we act, even with fear, we help others to do the same. Courage is contagious.

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