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Savage attack by the police of Lovemore Madhuku, the chairman of the NCA
Zimbabwe Liberators Platform (ZLP)
February 05, 2004

The Zimbabwe Liberators Platform (ZLP) is greatly concerned with the savage attack by the police of Lovemore Madhuku, the chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) while on a demonstration for a new constitution.

The use of brute force by the police and the manner in which they handled the demonstration shows that a new democratic constitution poses a threat to the government and more importantly that the conditions for dialogue to resolve Zimbabwe's growing crisis do not as yet obtain.

ZLP believes thousands of people sacrificed their lives during the liberation struggle to enjoy their freedom. We are disturbed that citizens can be beaten in such a savage manner for exercising their rights to freedom of expression.

The reincarnation of repressive laws that many fought during liberation war destroys citizens' hopes for a negotiated end to their suffering. The police actions resemble those of an unprofessional force during the Rhodesian era.

In that light, the ZLP urges Madhuku and his organisation to press on until the government accepted the new constitution and reform institutions of repression.

Formed by genuine war veterans, ZLP is a non-governmental organisation advocating for peace, democracy, good governance and development.

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