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    John Eppel
    July 09, 2013

    Last Name First Name Gender D.O.B. Age ID Number Address Constituency
    Eppel Fungai F 01/01/1892 121 01-100001-S-00 vil Charabara Muroyoyoy Shurugwi East
    Eppel Loo M 02/02/1896


    02-100002-T-10 Jou Gat farm Shurugwi West
    Eppel Braai M 03/03/1901 112 03-100003-U-20 vil Mugoragazi Wamwam Shurugwi North
    Eppel Jabu M 04/04/1914 99 04-100004-F-30 Goromuriridara Sloot Shurugwi South
    Eppel Mary F 05/05/1918 95 05-100005-F-40 Bliksem farm Shurugwi North-East
    Eppel Jealous M 06/06/1939 74 06-100006-E-50 vil Magatiti Chipomp Shurugwi North-West
    Eppel Kanary M 07/07/1945 68 07-100007-D-60 vil Burimahoori Shurugwe South-East
    Eppel Zealous F 08/08/1965 48 08-100008-B-70 My Fanny farm Shurugwe South-West
    Eppel Dirk M 09/09/1980 33 09-100009-A-80 vil Kukalakahaka Chivi North
    Eppel Tatenda M 10/10/1992 21 10-100010-L-90 Ry die Boda farm Chivi North-East
    Eppel Jerk N/A 11/11/1992 21 11-100011-L-11 vil Chekitichekiti Bum Chivi North-North-East
    Eppel Brenda M 12/12/1992 21 12-100012-O-12 Shake Shake farm Chivi North-West
    Eppel Brunhilda H 13/13/2010 3 13-100013-T-13 vil Mabhobhojani Chivi North-North-West
    Eppel Matilda F 14/14/2012 1 14-100014-S-14 Jaloga farm Borrowdale Brookies

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