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HIFA 2013 - Programme
Harare International Festival of the Arts
30 April - 5 May 2013

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It is with great excitement, honour, nervousness and satisfaction that I present our programme for HIFA 2013 – What’s Next . . .

Our theme reflected my own feelings, our team’s feelings and what I felt was on many people in the country’s minds – that there is something positive, there is progress, the arrows point to the future and no matter what comes, we look forward to new possibilities.

This position has brought me just that – new possibilities. I have learnt so much on a steep learning curve about our artistic community, our society, our diversity, our obstacles and our creativity. Most of all I have learnt about our determination and our community. We lean and pull, fall and catch, drop and lift each other every day. In all my 40 years I have never experienced such a common desire and energy towards one goal – We all want a great HIFA 2013.

I thank our HIFA team (someone give us a borehole please :D ), especially Wadzi and the Consultants, my interns and helpers, my family and friends, all the Embassies, Donors, companies and individuals who have worked with us to so generously to bring all these artists, and the artists – to all the visiting artists – Mauya, and to our Zimbabwean community of artists – thank you and enjoy your Festival!

I challenge everyone to embrace our theme – look at your own life and get excited about the possibilities awaiting you – look to the bright sun rising in your future – the wheel may spin, and the arrows can point you into a new and positive direction. Welcome it!

Gavin Peter
Artistic Director

Download festival programme

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