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Weekly menu
October 15, 2012

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5 steps to Nourishment!

1) Purchase your units

  • All Nourish meals are priced in units. Each unit will costs $1.25.
  • The minimum purchase is 24 units ($30). There is no maximum purchase.
  • Units can only be purchased in cash, by bank deposit or transfer.
  • Units expire after 3 months from date of purchase.
  • The first time you purchase your units we'll have a chat with you, find out where you are and how you would like your food delivered to you and add you to our database.
  • Units are deducted from your account each time you order until your units are exhausted and need to be topped up again.

2) Review the weekly menu

  • There is a different menu each week.
  • The menu for the following week will be sent to you every Friday.
  • Have a look and start to dream about all the lovely food you will be eating the following week.

3) Place your order

  • Orders may be emailed to or called in / texted to +263-773-254295.
  • Orders can be placed all at once at the beginning of the week or each day by 10:30am. If you've previously made an order and no longer wish to receive a meal that day your order must also be cancelled by 10:30am. Units will be deducted for cancellations made after 10:30am.
  • Your order will be delivered to you at the following times:
    • Mount Pleasant, Emerald Hill and surrounding areas: 12 to 1230pm
    • Avondale, Belgravia and Milton Park: 12:30pm to 1pm
    • Avenues and around the CBD: 1:00pm to 1:30pm
  • The cost of your meal in number of units will be deducted from your balance of units.
  • You will receive a statement of your orders for the week and balance of units every Friday.

4) Get Nourished!

  • Enjoy your gourmet-to-go meal.

5) Let us know if you're happy!

  • From time to time let us know if you enjoy your meal! Or not ? and what we can do to Nourish you better!

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