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"No Voice No Choice" update
Tafadzwa Muzondo
November 04, 2011

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His name means Grievous Bodily Harm. He has seen and done it all - terrorised and victimised his own community and now stigmatised and ostracised by his own when he sometimes gets insane haunted by his violent past... He has been used and even abused - to buy ballots with bullets and now left to deal with the after effects of his acts as an unfortunate victim of unscrupulous politicians. And when his life changes, will his political masters accept that he has changed? Will he be able to resist the pressure and the threats associated with defecting? What does it take for the victim to forgive and the perpetrator to forget? What guarantee is there that the violence will go away in favour of tolerance if a community lives with threats and mistreats in silence motivated by resilience?


This production, produced by Edzai Isu Theatre Arts Project and Zvido Zvevanhu Arts Ensemble (two powerful community theatre groups that have vast international experience in community and commissioned theatre), is written, directed & produced by award-winning versatile theatre practitioner Tafadzwa Muzondo, choreographed by Gibson Sarari, and features the award winning community originated theatre foursome of Gibson Sarari, Everson Ndlovu, Tafadzwa Muzondo, Eunice Tava alongside the experienced internationally travelled community theatre trio of Livius Chitsungo, Charles Biniweri, Sandiseque Sandiseque, with energetic dancers-cum actresses, Charlotte Munyanyi and Beauty Majira completing the cast. The diverse experiences and backgrounds of the team will be relevant for both the intended national tour in grass roots communities and the international tour in targeted countries with an interest or influence on the Zimbabwean socio-political situation. "No Voice No Choice" had its first (special) performance as part of the International Day of Peace (21 September 2011) Commemorations hosted by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum at Prince Edward School in Harare before having its world premiere at the Protest Arts International Festival on 27 October 2011 at Theatre in the Park in Harare. It is set to be performed at the SADC Best of the Best Community Theatre Festival (12 & 13 November 2011) in Johannesburg South Africa after which it will be taken on a national tour around Zimbabwe to reach grassroots communities.

The opening or introduction which is scene 1 of the play is a powerful fusion of traditional Marimba, 3 drums, percussion, vocals and dances that will be an audience mobilization establishment of the growth point set up in the play which fits very well in the intended outreaches and ensures that we get a mixed and excited audience which will participate in the interactive process of the play.

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