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No mean feat: 130k Adventure Walk Diary
Amanda Atwood,
October 25, 2011

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I'm travelling with my more than best friend in the world and intrepid adventure partner, Bev, who thought of this challenge just 6 weeks earlier.

At the time, I thought she was joking.

The Idea

We run and walk together a lot, and she had a long-standing dream of walking from Harare to Juliasdale, in Zimbabwe's eastern highlands. But the main road we would take is heavily trafficked, and wouldn't make for restful walking. So she was thrilled when she thought of a new plan. She initially broached the idea to me via SMS, in an exchange that went something like this:

Bev: Instead of Harare Juliasdale, we should walk from Vumba to Juliasdale.
Amanda: Um. Okay. That makes sense. It will be prettier and quieter. But how far is it?
Bev: It's intrepid. And exotic.
Amanda: The route is going to be quite isolated. Won't we have to carry a lot of water?
Bev: We'll be traversing our country at such a different pace.
Amanda: We'd also be quite vulnerable. Do you think it's safe?
Bev: We'll do it for your birthday.
Amanda: It's really hot in October. Shouldn't we do it sooner? Like closer to your birthday?
Bev: Imagine everything we'll see.
Amanda: Um. You're not answering any of my questions.
Bev: Right. That's settled then. I am so excited!

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