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Inspiring stories from the artists at the Newlands Craft Market - Page 1
Thandi Mpofu,
November 09, 2010

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Jane MwanzaSculpture by Jane Mwanza

Jane Mwanza - Sculptor: Stone
Date of birth: 27 March 1969
Cell Phone Number: +263-733-876232 or +263-773-477994

Jane's late husband was a sculptor and she developed an interest in his work. Whenever he went away she would put on his work-suit and practice in secret. One day he found her in the act and said that he had always known that she wanted to sculpt. Jane's husband eventually taught her and their two sons, Leeroy and Lenon, how to sculpt in stone. Finding this work more rewarding, she left her job of selling clothes at a flea market and began to create sculptures in their workshop at home. Working with heavy stone is difficult, especially for a woman. However, Jane has persisted in her new career and hopes to buy a pickup truck so that she will be able to travel throughout the country to where the best stone is available and to transport her finished product to where her buyers are located.

Johannes MutowoSculpture by  Johannes Mutowo

Johannes Mutowo - Sculptor: Stone and Wood
Year of birth: 21 January 1968
Cell Phone Number: +263-775-642694

Johannes is a sports fanatic, interested in everything including swimming, running and football. This passion is reflected in some of the pieces he produces. In fact, his more recent work shows a strong theme of the 2010 Soccer World Cup that was held in neighbouring South Africa. Johannes has come a long way in his profession, which he started in 1998 having been inspired and taught by his late brother-in-law. He has managed to overcome challenges like shortages of capital and is able to sustain himself and his family. Johannes' biggest dream is to own his own workshop where he can create freely in a space where his artistic expression can be unleashed without restraint.

Monica MutakuvaBatik by Monica Mutakuva

Monica Mutakuva - Crochet and Batik Pieces
Year of birth: 1953
Cell Phone Number: +263-772-590830

Monica has been involved in handcrafts for a long time. She started out as a stone sculptor having been inspired by other women who were plying their crafts. Her first pieces were small and delicate but eventually Monica became a fully-fledged sculptor. Unfortunately she developed a chest condition that was caused by the dust from hewing stone and she had to abandon sculpting. Undeterred, Monica taught herself the art of crocheting and later, learnt how to make batiks using potato printing. As a widow, she does not depend on assistance from her relatives; instead, Monica's extensive talents have always allowed her to sustain herself and her family.

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