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"Election Day" to run at Theatre in the Park
Rooftop Promotions
October 31, 2010

Rooftop Promotions has taken another leap in promoting the works of new writers, directors and actors this year with the opening of "Election Day" by first time theatre writer and award-winning literature writer Christopher Mlalazi, first time director-cum and two-time NAMA Best Actress Eunice Tava which features some faces you have not seen before at Theatre in the Park. "Election Day", a reflection of election fever in a way never seen ever, is set to open at Theatre in the Park on Tuesday 9 November 2010, featuring Privillage Mutendera, Teddy T Mangawa, Tafadzwa Bob and Brezhnev Guveya. The play will premiere on 9 October and opens to the public on 10 November until 27 November everyday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm except for Sundays and Mondays.

"Election Day" had its world premiere at HIFA 2010 as part of the HIFA Direct theatre mentorship project by HIFA and British Council where it had three sold out shows at the about 50-seater Reps Upstairs meaning only about 150 people saw the show. It had a feel of the theatre in the round; something which the director feels was a good warm up, when it was performed at Theatre in the Park as part of the Protest Arts International Festival on 22 October 2010.

The director of the play Eunice Tava is not new to theatre having carved a name for herself as an actor, this is her debut theatre play as a director, the writer Christopher Mlalazi is known for writing novels, poetry and short stories and this is his first theatre play to be on the limelight and only Privillage Mutendera (a writer actor and producer) has performed at Theatre in the Park before. Tafadzwa who is studying theatre with Theory X; Teddy a talented actor who has not been on the limelight; and Brezhnev, a versatile actor, instrumentalist and vocalist who provided live sound for "Loupe", "GPA" at HIFA 2010 and "Allegations", are having their debut acting appearance at Theatre in the Park.

"Having performed in various plays at Theatre in the Park which include: "Alone But Together", "Ganyau Express", "The New Road", "Intimate Affairs" and "Checkmate", to mention just a few, I feel elevated and elated to be having a play I directed running at this venue which provided a platform for works that made me a two time NAMA Award winner which are: "Intimate Affairs" and "The New Road". Theatre in the Park is the ultimate venue for most theatre practitioners and I have made myself a name as an actress but this time around I hope to prove myself as a director to the same audiences that have followed me as an actor in previous Theatre in the Park productions", says Eunice Tava the director of the play.

According to the play's brief synopsis; it is election time. His Excellency, Poka Oka Ndiseng's ruling party is losing by a very wide margin in the polls. His wife, Samantha, and his personal aFdvisor, Twenty, have both panicked and they are urging Ndiseng to flee the country, but an adamant Ndiseng tells them he is not going anywhere and wants to be buried under the soil of his ancestors.

"This play is an artist's imagination and the stories simulated are not entirely facts, the characters exist in the world of the play and the intention of this play is not to insult anyone but to just poke fun at election fever in not only Zimbabwe but the whole world. Elections have been a very sensitive subject in most countries and as artists we find the various stories about elections in Zimbabwe very interesting and full of drama hence a source for our creative work", says Eunice who is biologically born of the Chikowore and Masinya families.

"As I alluded to when we presented "Allegations", another HIFA Direct product, we are on a deliberate drive as an organization to provide exposure to Zimbabwe's emerging talent in line with our mission to prestigiously promote talent. Our experience with emerging artists has been fulfilling so we are confident that what we are doing is to ensure posterity in the theatre industry. Rooftop Promotions through Theatre in the Park, has provided a platform for not only emerging artists but also production houses like EDZAI ISU Theatre Arts Project when they did "All Systems Out Of Order" and "This Or That", Savannah Trust for plays like "Heaven's Diary" and "Decades of Terror", Vhitori Entertainment with "Sahwira" and "Final Push", Patsimeredu Edutainment for their festivals, Homegrown Arts Promotions with plays like "Fragile" and "Water Story", said Daves Guzha the Producer of Rooftop Promotions.

"For those who know Eunice and her acting prowess, please come and see her directing prowess. As for those who might be wondering what the new faces will do, wait till you see them do their thing and you will be left wondering where these guys have been hiding all along. In our drive to get back to those good old days of full houses, (the 7.30pm shows were introduced to cope with demand), we are appealing to theatre fans to come out in their numbers to support Zimbabwe's emerging talent. We are also courting organizations to buy block tickets for particular target groups to see this hilarious portrayal of some serious issues. Theatre like other sectors of the economy has been affected by our economic challenges, something that saw attendances declining due to a number of challenges but now things look better and the attendances have been improving owing to resilient support from our audiences and some organizations which have been encouraging audiences to attend our plays", says Tafadzwa Muzondo the Marketing and Sales Executive.

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