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  • "Waiting for the Constitution" increases footprint through audio and video distribution
    Rooftop Promotions
    July 09, 2010

    Rooftop Promotions has increased the footprint of Waiting for Constitution by way of audio visuals which will be spread all over Zimbabwe in the form of DVDs, audio CDs and cassettes as the play is on national tour which has covered Harare Province, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland Central, Manicaland and Masvingo and we are currently in Midlands this week then move on to Bulawayo and Matabeleland North and South Provinces from the end of the week. Performances in all these places have proved the level of lack of knowledge about the constitution making process in the people. In some instances we have been mistaken as COPAC and people start telling us to write down what they want when we engage in discussions after the performance. "As artists we have been touched by the way the play has been received by people of different political affiliations, ideologies and backgrounds", said Rooftop Promotions Producer Daves Guzha.

    "People have shown their hunger to speak out in the discussion forums which are a major hallmark which take place at the end of every performance when audiences have an opportunity to quiz/contribute/question the characters portrayed".

    "We do not know what COPAC is doing and others do not even know what is COPAC. Their approach of calling us to come where they are is not working because sometimes its too far from the people. They should be coming to us like you are doing with this play", said one unidentified man in a discussion after the play at Watsomba Shopping Centre in Mutare.

    "There is talk that some elite Chiefs are arm twisting villagers and people are being intimidated to speak in favor of or against certain things and people do not even know what the talking points are but they already have answers", said a head man who chose to be anonymous after our performance at Bondolfi Shopping Centre in Masvingo.

    "Why are we being funded to make our constitution when we have got several drafts lying around like the 2000 Draft, The NCA draft, the Kariba draft which just need to be re-visited and we can have a draft that can be put to referendum"

    The audiences have closely followed the discussion during and after the play and have agreed or disagreed with each character in an interesting interaction where we are not only performing for the audience but performing with them as well." By this we mean taking the crucial points raised in the play to the people during the play and the responses have been amazing. The issue of homo-sexual rights has been largely opposed by most of these communities while the issue of federal Zimbabwe raised in the play has been supported by many in Manicaland because of the reason Titus gives for proposing a federal state: making sure there is equal development in Zimbabwe by making every province responsible for the exploitation of its own resources for its own development with some elders saying it is within our culture and tradition to have federal states where we had kingdoms and chiefdoms operating autonomously.

    Women have also come out in full support of meaningful gender equality in the constitution while some people have questioned how the land issue is going to be addressed in the new constitution.

    10 000 DVDs, CDs and Cassettes have been made to spread the play's message to areas and people we cannot reach so that there is something that communities can continue to share during and after the constitution making process since not every one is able to see our live plays. We want the CDs and Cassettes to be played in homes, kombis, beer halls, buses, University Halls, libraries, radio stations and schools, and every other accessible place. The 1 hour long play has been adapted by veteran Aaron Chiundura-Moyo into 10 minute episodes for audio in Shona, English and Ndebele. Free audio downloads are also available on the Rooftop website: and other relevant websites. The DVD of the play has responses from various communities where the play has been staged. For those who would like to get a free copy please email: or

    So far the play has covered the following areas in the first phase: Juru Growth Point, Murehwa Centre in Mashonaland East and Nzvimbo Shopping Centre, Bare Shopping Centre, Bindura Bus Terminus, Chimhanda Business Centre in Mashonaland Central. Within Harare, Media Alliance of Zimbabwe has made use of the production in Glen View, Highfields, Mabvuku and Chitungwiza to commemorate World Press Freedom day and highlight and impart critical media related issues which must be shared to create a better informed society. This phase has also covered University of Zimbabwe, Midlands State University, Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo Polytechnic, Women University in Africa and Catholic University.

    The second phase has covered the following places: Meikles Park, Sakubva Flea Market, Mutare Poly, Watsomba Shopping Centre, Zimunya Shopping Centre, Dangamvura Shopping Centre, Chikanga Shopping Centre, Mutare Teachers College (All in Manicaland Province) Ngundu Business Centre, Chivi Business Centre, Mhandamabwe Business Centre, Jerera Growth Point, Bhasera Growth Point, Mupandawana Growth , Bondolfi Shopping Centre , Nyika Growth Point, Mucheke Rank, Morgenster Teachers College (All in Masvingo Province)

    Visit the Rooftop Promotions fact sheet

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