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Behind the scenes with praise and worship singer Nyaradzo Mashayamombe
Zanele Manhenga,
July 15, 2009

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When did you start singing?Nyaradzo Mashayamombe
Professional singing was 2004 when I released my first album. But I have always sung. I have always loved music. I remember I was always glued to the then 3fm.

How did you start in the industry?
There are friends who encouraged me. I then started looking for recording studios to send a demo tape to. That's how I started.

Apart from your friends who else encouraged you to be a musician?
My brothers and my mum. She has a great voice and I think I take after her. My sisters on the other hand were a bit reserved about me being a musician but now they are so supportive.

What did you have to do to finally win them over?
To be honest I carried on doing music and I made sure that I lived a life of honor. For them seeing me on TV and impacting and changing other people's lives. They did not have a choice I guess.

Who are the people that mentored you?
There is a certain guy at a certain recording stable called Stanley Ruziwa. He inputted in my writing skills and right now I'm under the mentorship of Dudu Manhenga, Anesu Mawoyo, Sam Mataure ,Victor Kunonga; quite a number of people just sit me down and talk to me.

On a scale of one to ten where would you rate yourself?
7 out of 10 and I'm rising and I'm learning everyday.

Do people recognize you as the artist you are?
Yes they do. Its intriguing, humbling and exciting

Why do you sing praise and worship music?
I praise God because I appreciate that I'm black. I love that. I just flow with being an African. It's amazing being an African person. It's fantastic to be an African woman and to praise and worship God in an African way. Listen

Which African women make you proud to be African?
We got people like Mama Miriam Makeba, Dudu, Mai Shingisai Siluma - those are fantastic people you wouldn't trade to be African for anything else. Listen

Where do you do your shows?
I do charity shows as well as corporate and church functions.

Why music as a career?
Music is me. It flows in me. Music, it's a part of me. Music is always in me; I can't leave it out. Listen

What challenges have you faced as a Zimbabwean?
In terms of music it hasn't been a conducive environment because businesses have been in recession, so it affects everything. Music would be the last thing anyone would ever think of buying in hard times so its just been a challenge for everybody but the day is promising to be bright after all.

What advice would you give the fans?
Live life to the fullest and rejoice always and live righteously.

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