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An interview with singer and songwriter Edene
Zanele Manhenga,
July 06, 2009

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EdeneWhen did you start singing?

I have been singing all my life really, ever since primary school. I was in the school choir at Borrowdale Primary School, and I was in the choir at Vainona High School. So I guess I just always thought I could sing.

How did your parents react when they saw you could sing?

When I was in primary and high school they never took it seriously. As a child they were just happy that you are doing some activity at school. But when I was in college that's when I decided to take it seriously. And that's when they realised I was serious about it and I really had to let them know that I wanted to do it.

Who inspires your music?

Many women inspire me. I am really inspired by Mariah Carry and her song writing. I think she has great song writing ability and I think has a wonderful singing voice. I am also inspired by Brenda Fassie. I love her spirit. She was passionate about her music and she believed in what she sang. I love Madonna, and the fact that she keeps reinventing her self. She is 50 and is still there. I really admire that. More

What would you say is the genre and theme of your music?

I am a pop artist. My music is about what I see around me, what I feel, my experiences and other people's experiences. I sing about life, love, happiness and sadness, everything. More

What's the biggest challenge you're facing in Zimbabwe?

Definitely the economic hardships. People see music as a luxury. They would rather buy a loaf of bread than buy a CD, because people need to eat first. More

Were do you see yourself in the next five or ten years?

Doing shows all over the world and hopefully release an album every year or two years.

When was your first album released?

My 1st album was released in 2007.

How was the response to your music?

It was good. I was happy that I won the Zimbabwe Music award for the Best Female Urban Grooves and the Most Young and Talented Woman for the Celebrated Sister award. To be recognised by your peers, I don't take that lightly, I appreciate that. I see that as a success, and I want to expand on that success.

What advice would give other upcoming artists?

Believe in yourself and work hard. The harder you work, and the more you believe in yourself, and the more you surround yourself with other talented musicians, who will advise you correctly, I think you'll be successful. More

When you say work hard what exactly should one do?

Everything. You have to work on your voice, pracitsing with your band, song writing, practising your music, and networking, so that you can meet the right people who can help you get out there.

As an artist, if you were given an opportunity to change something in the music industry, what would it be?

I wish promoters and record labels would invest more in young talent. We cannot do it ourselves. We need other people's assistance to help us be better and go places. I'd like to see more genuine support and appreciation of young musicians and their music.

What are your fears as a musician?

I think if anything would happen to me, such as an injury to my voice. If something happened to my voice, or to my body that comprimised my stage act, and I would have to take a break.

Describe your typical day.

I live with my grandmother. We have breakfast together everyday, and then I go out into the worlds. I have meetings with promoters, interviews and rehearsing with the band, working on my voice, working on my songwriting, my stage act, or networking. More

You say you have a band how do you manage in this economy?

I could give you many things that we've tried and that have worked. But to be honest it's God's grace. It is the Lord's strength and the Lord's will. It's hard. I want my band to go home with money to buy bread and do what they need to for their families, but even when there is no money, they still come, and they still have passion for the dream. I don't want to take credit. I will give God all the glory, because it's not easy. More

What is your catch phrase on stage?

I have not discovered that. Musically, I know I do all genres. However else people want to define me, I think that will come out in time and with experience, and from my fans.

What would you like to say to people listening to you?

I love my fans, from the bottom of my heart. I love them dearly. As someone who is a fan, and has been on the other side, I know that if someone makes the choice to go and buy my album, I appreciate that. I would like to encourage them to be who they want to be, and I want to inspire them to them to reach their goals and to aspire for the best.

Were do you normally perform?

I normally do my shows at the Book Café and the Mannenberg, and I am very grateful to Pamberi Trust.

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