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Wedding night reopens
The Herald (Zimbabwe)
September 15, 2008

Wedding Night - a classic play written by Stephen Chifunyise - reopened at Theatre in the Park with a new flair to it as the cast took the script and made it their own.

The collective delivery on stage was great and the skill exhibited was indeed, refreshing.

The play, which debuted at the same venue in 2006, now features John Pfumojena as Farai, Privilege Mutendera as Chipo, Mambokadzi's founder Enisia Mushusha as aunt Fadzai and Gordon Pakanengwa as uncle Tobias while Elton Munjanana took over from Walter Mparutsa as the director.

Daves Guzha, the producer said they decided to pay homage to those who made Theatre in the Park what it is today by going back to the archives to bring back old classics.

True to his words, everything looked new as though it was being shown for the first time.

Now featuring the artful John Pfumojena who also made headlines when he acted in Loupe that premiered at the Harare International Festival of the Arts.

Acting as Farai the bridegroom, Pfumojena brought an amazing tinge into the play, which made it fresh.

Although Pfumojena has never been to the village, he demands that his marriage should be done the proper African way.

What he does is typical of most Africans who experience western life with all its frustrations, racism and disillusionment.

When they go abroad, they hope to become a part of the western culture but as soon as they realise that there is a limit to the extent they can be accepted, most of them return armed with a cosmetic sense of being African.

Although their idea of being black and African is selective, the sense of them being lost is apparent.

For Farai, a proper African wedding is one where they spend the night in an African hut surrounded by drums, rattles and any paraphernalia that brings them closer to Africa.

But looked at closely, although Farai is an African his conduct is like that of a tourist.

As Farai, Pfumojena exhibits a deeper understanding of the script and takes it further higher.

Privilege Mutendera who until recently has been confined to Mannenberg Theatre, makes her second appearance at Theatre in the Park after debuting in the play Sahwira the Spirit of Friendship.

Like all good actresses, Privilege is versatile and fits into situations easily.

Acting as Chipo, she like Pfumojena gives the production the original feel.

Mushusha (aunt Fadzai) who the nation know as the founder and director of the dance group Mambokadzi showed that although she opted out of acting for dance, she still has it in her.

Gordon Pakunengwa (uncle Tobias) is a veteran and he exhibits the experience long years in the industry has had on him.

The production that was directed by Elton Munjanana runs till September 20.

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