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Lost for words
June 2008

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The words I'm about to speak were stolen from my tongue
Now I'm spoken for by some deaf corporate soul with funds
Who distorts them all and sells them back to me in the form of newspaper
So my own story becomes new data
I wanted to be a verbal artist ‘cause I've got love for speech
But money talks and I can't afford the pleasures of such luxuries
So I remain mum - like others in the place I came from
Now tears have replaced the liberating words I gave up.
So, should I play dumb and just accept and open
My mouth to recite new words in the form of slogans?
Why should I rejoice at a new voice if I don't own it?
Why should I have an inner voice if I can't expose it in sound
If my soul is renounced, then I'm as good as dead
If I didn't love the stone house, I would have fled
But I remain hidden in the dark corners where I won't be heard
Teaching myself to speak until I get lost for words . . .

About the author

Born Ngonidzashe Enos Tapiwa in March 1982 - MYBRUTHAZKEEPA started writing poetry at the age of eleven. He describes his poetry as "hip-hop orientated social commentary inspired by my own feelings and experiences." With Outspoken he is a member of the hip-hop duo ‘Dialective Blue (TSU)' and has performed at various international events including The Harare International Festival of the Arts (2007), The Zimbabwe International Book Fair (2007), INTWASA Arts Festival (2007) and African Poetry Night (2006).

Mybruthazkeepa has participated in the House of Hunger poetry slam at the Book Café since 2006 and has showcased his work at many local events. He has also part taken in the drama ‘Illusions' at the Mannenberg theatre. He says of himself, "I aspire to write a hip-hop poetic theatre, which incorporates music, theatre, poetry and dance."

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  • Lost for words
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    Date: June 2008
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